The Ultimate Blog Party 2013!!

I’ve been cooped up in my apartment with no company but the furry ones all weekend. I was supposed to be writing a paper, but let’s not kid ourselves. It’s the weekend. It’s time to party! So I decided to attend something I’d never heard of before. The Ultimate Blog Party! What could be better than a party on the internet? A party on the internet… with alcohol? I’m on it! If I make an Irish Coffee while I write this post – well, it’ll just be the best party of all time!


So I’m rather new to this whole blogger party thing. Judging by the awesome blogs I’ve “discovered” thanks to this little get together, I take it I’m supposed to mingle. So here goes!

My name is Kayla. I’m a college student, an aspiring writer and animal rescuer, a doggie mommy, and a doggie foster mommy. I’m new to serious blogging, but I’ve been fostering dogs for about a year and a half and worked at dog day cares and training facilities for just shy of three years.


The beautiful girl with the big smile in the picture above is my mutt, Lana (as in Lana Lang – because I’m not just an animal advocate, I’m also a geek). The average looking one is me. 😉  We share our time, food, toys, and of course our love with homeless dogs who bunk with us until they find the family of their dreams.

Currently we have high aspirations and a pretty small network, so we’d love for you to take a second to like us on Facebook and comment on the blog! And while you’re at it, please feel free to leave your URL so I can check you out, too. I don’t know about you, but I joined this shindig to make friends and allies! Enjoy the party!