Shelter Sunday – April 10

I’m out of practice with photography and editing, but man was I dying to practice! I’ve been wanting to feature some of these guys since Easter, but I just needed to sun to come out and join us. The following dogs are adoptable from the Tallahassee Leon Community Animal Service Center. They’re spunky, sweet, and full of love. While they don’t seem to mind shelter life too much (it certainly hasn’t dampened their spirits), they are so deserving of a home of their own.

BryanOur first boy is Bryan, who has been a resident at the shelter since Christmas eve. We love him to death and honestly can’t figure out why he hasn’t found a home yet.

bryan 2Bryan is a regular in our ‘rough and rowdy’ playgroups. He’s energetic and loves toys, but he can be a little mouthy, so his perfect home would be inhabited by someone who is willing to work with him. And someone who shares his love of fun, of course!

parkerSpeaking of regulars in the rough and rowdy playgroups, Bryan’s BFF Parker is also looking for a home! Unsurprisingly, he shares his buddy’s love of toys, romping around, and all things fun.

parkerParker actually used to be named Dopey, which is pretty accurate. He’s goofy, and would make the perfect comedic sidekick for anyone!

chloeChloe is also ready for a second chance at a home. She will play fetch for hours, as long as you don’t mind having to chase her down to get the toy back every time!

maseyMasey, who shares similar beautiful brindle markings with Chloe is a little more chill. She’d just love to curl up at your feet or by your side for a Netflix marathon. I’m inclined to suggest Malcolm in the Middle, if you missed out on it however many years ago.

sadotSadot’s quite a looker. He’s a bit in between the fun loving antics of the boys and our laid back Masey. He’s a puppy, so he has energy and enjoys playing, but he’s a people person, for sure.

kingFinally, we’ve got King. You may notice a little bald spot on his side, but he doesn’t! This boy is handsome and he knows it. He’s another play group regular, but he’s happy to stop playing long enough to pose for a royal portrait.

Want to see more? Our Facebook page has even more photos. Interested in these dogs? You can see them and all their friends at

As always, feel free to share to help these babies find new homes!

Phoebe, Pumpernickel, & Sheba

PhoebeOur first model for today’s Shelter Sunday was Phoebe, an adoptable Treeing Hound mix. She’s sweet and can be, and is a regular in Sunday playgroups.

PhoebeShe isn’t too rough or too dainty, and she is 100% goof. I adore her!

PhoebeWho wouldn’t love to go adopt Phoebe?

PhoebeBut as cute as she is, we didn’t spend ALL afternoon with her. Another playgroup regular wanted some extra attention, too!

PumpernickelPumpernickel is a Catahoula Leopard Hound mix. She’s a little more rowdy than Phoebe, and would benefit from a someone who will exercise her.

PumpernickelSure, she LOOKS lazy, but this girl is a bundle of energy. She loves to run, chase, tackle, fetch, and of course to sit in her pool.

PumpernickelShe does know “sit” and I’m sure she’d be happy to learn any other tasks for a special family. I would say because she can be rough, she may not be best for families with small children, but she’s a great dog nonetheless.
PumpernickelFinally, today we managed to get a few shots of a slightly more dainty girl. Meet Sheba:

ShebaSheba is believed to be a Shiba Inu mix. And she does have those IRRESISTIBLE ears like I’d expect a Shiba to sport. And I simply cannot get enough of them.

ShebaShe also gets along well with dogs, though today she had to miss playgroup because she was recently spayed.

ShebaNo worries, I think she still got to have some fun.

FREE adoption eventIf you think you’re interested in any of the dogs at the shelter, go see them now! They are still open and currently for dogs, adoption fees are waived!

Starsky, Phteven, & Odette

Great news! Last week’s featured dog, Finn, as well as Darlene from our Facebook cover photo were both adopted this week!

Today, three more lovely dogs got to play model for this week’s Shelter Sunday. I always love doing the photography part of the blog. I roll around on the ground, soak my clothes in what I hope is mud, and get sticky with dog slobber, among other liquids. Today’s adoptables were especially fun, both because they were all so good looking and because they wanted to PLAY PLAY PLAY!

Starsky is one hunky Husky mix. He is a rough and tumble kind of guy, and would do very well in an active home. He loves to play and run and I have no doubts the working dog in him just needs a job or hobby. If you’re looking for a 24/7 couch potato, he may not be the best fit, but if you’re more of an outdoorsy person, he’s ready to meet you!

Starsky, adoptable Husky mixAnd just so we are 100% clear, there was no touching up done in the above photo. NONE. HIS EYES REALLY ARE THAT STUNNING!

Starsky, adoptable Husky mixStarsky participates in the shelter playgroups, and loves fetch and kiddie pools to splash around in.

Starsky, adoptable Husky mixStarsky, adoptable Husky mixOur second dog of the day has one very obvious thing in common with Starsky: those beautiful blue eyes. Meet Phteven!

Phteven, an adoptable bulldog in Tallahassee, FLPhteven is also a playgroup regular at the shelter. Unsurprisingly, he too enjoys a good dip in the kiddie pool and chasing tennis balls.

Phteven, an adoptable bulldog in Tallahassee, FLPhteven, an adoptable bulldog in Tallahassee, FLAbout half of the photo session was spent trotting in circles around Mike & me trying to give us as many kisses as possible!

Phteven, an adoptable bulldog in Tallahassee, FLAfter editing and watermarking a bunch of photos, I checked online to see Odette’s age. Since she is not listed on the website (and she is obviously an amazing little puppy!) I think she may have been adopted this afternoon! However, just in case it was a system error or she was transferred to a foster home, I’ll share the photos of her as well.

Odette, an adoptable hound mix in TallahasseeLook at those wrinkles! Odette, an adoptable hound mix in TallahasseeSweet Miss Odette is just a puppy, too!

Odette, an adoptable hound mix in TallahasseeShe’s a little shy but responds well to treats and praise. In no time, she warms right up and loves you like she’s always known you.

Odette is an adoptable Hound mix in TallahasseeThanks for reading, and please don’t forget to share to help these dogs find their forever families!

Find-A-Friend Friday – Family Edition!

Hello, all! I see you survived the week! Excellent news.

You want more excellent news? I promised my friends at the Gadsden County Humane Society that I’d feature some of their adoptable animals for this week’s Find-A-Friend Friday. And I have just the little family in mind!

Find-A-Friend Friday | Dream Big, Bark LoudlyMeet Sunshine (momma) and Ruby (baby). Aren’t they the cutest real life example of Pete and Repeat? I just adore the bottom picture – it screams ‘like mother like daughter’. Not to mention, I swear Sunshine looks like a dog I used to LOVE at daycare. I think she was a Border/Lab mix.

sunshine and pupsBut wait, there’s more! Sunshine actually has three little adoptable puppies! Mabel and Pruitt are also in foster with GCHS looking for forever homes. How precious are these dogs. It should be clear that’s why this adorable little family pulled at my heartstrings. Are they tempting you, too?


There is another special duo at the Gadsden County Humane Society that could use some good vibes this week. Axle and Sasha have been in foster for what feels like forever! They even have their own Facebook page! It sounds as though these lovely siblings would prefer a home together. Here’s what GCHS has to say about them:
“Axle and Sasha are a brother/sister duo looking for a home with no young children. They love attention and playing with other dogs but are easily scared. They need someone special that will take the time to get to know them and allow them adjust to their new home.”

Find-A-Friend Friday | Dream Big, Bark Loudly

This is Axle. Both he and Sasha need a forever home with a loving, easy-going, and patient family.

Find-A-Friend Friday | Dream Big, Bark Loudly

Sasha and Axle enjoying a walk together! Look how nicely they posed!

If you know someone in the market for some stellar siblings, or an absolutely adorable mom and pup team, please share Sunshine, Ruby, Axle, and Sasha with them! And, check out the Gadsden County Humane Society Facebook to see more adoptable animals.

Find-A-Friend Friday

If you’ve been following our Facebook page (which you really should be doing!), then you probably saw our post about SPCA Suncoast. For those who don’t know, SPCA Suncoast is a shelter close to home. I actually attended one of their events for one of my old employers (Camp K9 in Trinity, Florida). But, they are also a shelter struggling for money.

Yes, all shelters and rescues are struggling for money. But this one is on the verge of having to close their doors. There already aren’t that many shelters in the area. Some of those that are nearby have suffered from freak accidents (a tornado hit one pretty hard), parvo outbreaks, and really bad press. Like, really bad. A certain unnamed shelter is working on completely changing who is in charge. Which really, that same unnamed shelter should have gladly accepted me as a volunteer when I offered, but that’s their loss.

Anyway, I’m trying to do my part by choosing animals from SPCA Suncoast for this week’s Find-A-Friend Friday. Which, unfortunately is a little bit difficult. Mostly because their Facebook, website, and Petango account are not all on the same page. (I’m assuming they’re a little focused on finances right now rather than social media – fair enough I suppose.) Therefore, I’m not actually positive which animals are up for adoption and which were up for adoption. For this, I apologize. Please consider that your warning. There are animals in need of homes at this shelter. Maybe this dog and this cat! (But, any other week a dog or cat I feature could theoretically get adopted 3 seconds after I click “publish post”; it’s not so very different, right?)

This week’s dog is known as Lip. He is a beautiful, young (about 1 year old) Red Heeler. His ID number is 22114851.

Find-A-Friend Friday | Dream Big, Bark Loudly

The cat of the week is Crybaby. Her ID number is: 22136761. She is spayed and not declawed.They estimate that she is less than 6 months old.

Find-A-Friend Friday | Dream Big, Bark LoudlyIf you would like to support the SPCA Suncoast from far away,they have a donation link here. They will also have a truck where Tampa/Odessa/Lutz/New Port Richey locals can drop off donations. For more information, the Facebook event is here.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your upcoming weekend!

“So, What Are Ya In For?”

Why do dogs and cats commonly end up in shelters? Are they ‘damaged goods’? Have they all been abused? Here are the top 10 reasons animals are surrendered as well as resources and practical advice for people who feel as though they need to re-home their animals. Please consider sharing it if you or someone you know is in this unfortunate position.

There is a common belief that animals in shelters are there because they were bad. Or perhaps because the previous owner saw signs of an expensive illness in the near future and dumped them so someone else could pay for them.

"So, What Are Ya In For?"  How animals really wind up in shelters and practical advice for the owner who feels like they have no other option than to give up their pet.I understand the thought process, I really do. I mean, why else would someone give up their companions? As it turns out, there are many reasons higher on the list than poor behavior or medical issues. A study by the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy evaluated the top reasons dogs and cats are surrendered to shelters. They found that the top 7 reasons for dog and cat relinquishment were the same. Continue reading