Ladies Don’t Start Fights


Thanks Disney – both for the great movie and for not suing me for using this! *knock on wood* You wouldn’t sue your own employee, right?

Ladies don’t start fights, but they can finish them. I’ve heard mom say that before (though I’ve seen her start fights, too).

I’m more like her than she cares to admit sometimes.

In fact, she calls me a brat. Sometimes I make mean faces when Desi and I are getting treats, because I want them all to myself. I don’t mean to, it just happens. But really, I don’t do anything! I will occasionally nibble on my sibling (or foster sibling), but it’s never hard. Because I want them to know how tough it is for me to share, but I still do it. Because that’s what sisters do. And because momma will not be pleased if I don’t share.

Do you know what else sisters do? They fight for their siblings.

That’s where I’m a really good sister.


Let’s start from the beginning of this story, shall we?

Last week, nana and papa (grandma and grandpa) took Desi and I out to go potty in the back yard. We’re both usually really good, so even though there’s no fence, we don’t normally have to wear leashes.
Apparently the neighbor has the same idea about her dogs. Except, well, they’re not so good.

Here we are, minding our own business when I hear a stampede of paws. Nana grabs my collar before I can move, which of course makes me even more anxious about what’s coming. I whip my head around to see what the noise was, and there’s this big black dog on top of Desi! Bless her heart (as momma would say), she just fell right over! She never saw or heard him coming.

He was all teeth. I swear I could hear nana’s heart skip a beat over the sounds of snarling and whimpering. She let go of me to run and help Desi, but she didn’t need to bother. That’s my job.

In a full-on sprint, I got to the jerk faster than nana could take a step. He was big, but I fought him all the way back to his yard. Honestly, it was all kind of a blur, but nana insists there wasn’t too much violence. She says ‘mostly baring teeth and shoving’, but I promise, if I needed to I would have taken him down.

Turns out his bark was bigger than his bite. But mine wasn’t.

I wanted to earn my stay with nana and papa while mom is away. And dang it, I am a girl, and we are tough! Desi may be too old to win in a fight, but that’s why she has me. She is my sister, and my best friend, and I will defend her against anything and anyone.


Mom has told me before that she and nana once defended Desi in a fight against another dog. She told me she’d do the same for me in a second – that no fear even entered her mind. She said that’s what it means to be family. I really am a lot like her.

My family and I are hopeful that because I not only fought off the neighbors’ dog, but I completely dominated his butt, he won’t try this crap again. But you know what? If he does, I’ll be ready.

While I may not always play nice with others, I always take care of my pack. Wouldn’t you?