Feel Good Friday

I saw a super cute video on Facebook yesterday and wanted to wait until today to share it. Originally, I’d planned a separate blog post and to just share the video on our Facebook fan page, but I’ve changed my mind. Since it’s Friday, I want to share several fun videos, and no wordy post!

Just to start off, remember how I mentioned the importance of teaching “wait” earlier this week? There is an awesome video on YouTube of a whole pack of dogs who have mastered the trick. And guess what? Their household was peaceful and organized even at dinner time.


But, too much work without play doesn’t make a feel good Friday, so here’s a dog who can play fetch all by himself!


Or this little guy in the UK.


There’s also this self-sufficient puppy in Japan.


But, really, nobody wants to play alone. Especially when you have such fun friends nearby!


Even if they can be a little annoying…


I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and weekend! I think it’s time for me to go make Lana’s day as good as all of these dogs’ days were.