Updates And An Adoptable Pittie

Today, I have a bit I want to do both on the blog and offline.

If you’re interested in my personal life, I have to work out and pay bills and call my pain-in-the-butt doctor. But, if you’re here for dog stuff…

You may be excited to learn I’m re-organizing all of the categories! Or you may not care at all. I think it makes sense, stuff should be easier to find. Yay!


Cash – adoptable dog in NW Florida. You know you want him! (This is not the Pittie.)

Also, it hit me that I never updated you on Lana’s incontinence. I actually didn’t update the vet either. Oops.
Anyway, she finished her antibiotics and was drinking a little bit of apple cider vinegar in her water, but there were still drips. Not puddles, thankfully, but drips. So we increased her ‘dose’ by adding vinegar to her breakfasts as well. The leaking seemed to stop, but she started to have unpleasantly loose stool and stinky doggie gas. So we cut down the vinegar and started just adding it to the water again and her poop is back to normal-ish and I still haven’t noticed a leak in a while. *Knock on wood*
If you ask me, the apple cider vinegar is great to try in lieu of  prescriptions. Worst case scenario, you can blame the smell on the dogs.


And this adoptable boy is Brutus. You’ll read about him in a sec.

See? Just like I promised, this is about Brutus: My mom’s co-worker friend has asked for our help finding a new home or rescue for her son’s Pit. They’re moving and can’t bring him. She says he’s a great dog – very sweet and good to his little Chihuahua sibling. He’s UTD on shots, and while he’s not neutered, she seemed more than happy to throw in a neuter voucher. I’ve asked a few rescue friends, but unfortunately I haven’t gotten any responses.


I called him Brutus, but he also goes by Jesus/Zeus. He needs a new home. =(

If you know of a possible rescue or home for him, please let me know! And remember, sharing is the nicest compliment you can give a blogger/writer! <-I’m totally not linking to myself, for once.