I’d Like a Mother’s Day Gift or Two…

Yesterday I ran across an article in the online dog-lovers magazine, Keep the Tail Wagging, talking about Mother’s Day for “fur-moms”. This fur-momma gave a list of the best gifts her boyfriend could give her for Mother’s Day, as a way to say “thanks” for taking such great care of their pets. She ended it with the question: what would you want for “Fur Mother’s Day”?

Anything I want?! Well there’s so many things, I’m not sure where to begin.

No. I am sure.

Number 1: A few more pictures where my dog(s) and I BOTH look nice.

Kisses are nice, but a good picture would have been nicer!


Yes, I want a few more of these!

Number 2: It would be nice to hear how my previous fosters are doing.

sierra goodbye

I know they’re in happy homes, but I want a picture of them and their favorite toy, or them playing with their new siblings, or them “smiling”, because dogs do smile (Sierra was all smiles). Because I still love them.

Number 3: I’d love for Lana to not destroy something or go through my garbage, for like a week.

04-20-11 lana makes a big mess

Yeah. I miss the days when it was just stuffing I had to clean up. Now it’s whatever I call “trash” but she decides is “treasure”.

Number 4: Maybe she could be a little less obnoxious at dinner, too.

005 (4)

I love her more than anything, but I don’t share food. Ever. Just ask my boyfriend. He nearly lost a hand when he stole the first cookie out of a box. THE FIRST COOKIE!!!

And number 5, the one I want more than all the rest combined: A home for Brody (maybe even someone I know?!).

brody at the vets

A picture of Brody after finishing his heartworm treatment. He is still under observation at the vet’s office.

If you’re on our fan page, I’m sure you’ve already seen this image of Brody. The amazing Karen, the head of Aussie and Me, posted it on my Facebook wall on Friday. The vet’s office wrote the caption: Brody has gotten through his heartworm treatment and he will be staying a few more days at the vet’s office for monitoring. He had a visitor stop by to spend some time with him today and it is said that Brody just wasn’t his happy self. It was evident that the treatment has taken a toll on him. Feel better Brody and get some rest. You deserve to take the time you need.

Karen reiterated: Brody is having a tough time with his heartworm treatment but will be ok. He misses you very much. … He is really sad.

My poor baby boy. I’m not there to comfort him when he feels sick and alone. He misses us, and we miss him, too. And that’s just not a good thing to hear in time for Mother’s Day. Even if I’m not a “real” mother.


We miss this smile.

What mother doesn’t want the best for her kids? Of course I wish my home could be his forever home. But this is Mother’s Day, not Christmas. There are no miracles that would make that work. There are just long-awaited “thank you”s for a lifetime of love and devotion. Or, in the case of a foster mom, enough love and devotion to make up for the bad parts of their lives we weren’t able to fix and last until long after they are gone.


Brody Boy

They need us mothers and fathers. They are always thankful. They show us every day. Though Brody won’t be back until after Mother’s Day is over, every day will feel like Mother’s Day after he returns. Because that’s the kind of dog he is. He looks at you and you know he is grateful. You know he is devoted. He immediately finds a place in your heart and stays there. So next Mother’s Day, when he has a real “mom”, I’ll still think about him, just as I think about the others.

And I’ll also be grateful to the family who takes them into their home, to love him, to dote on him, to care for him until he dies.

What I really want for Mother’s Day is for Brody to find a family, and to thank each and every “mother” (and “father”) who has adopted one of my previous fosters. They may not be able to say Happy Mother’s Day, but I can.

Happy Mother’s Day to you, the women who love and cherish the fur-kids I used to raise.