Media Monday – Man of Steel

That’s right, we’re back with another Media Monday! This week I wanted to write about dogs in a new show I watch; but I saw Man of Steel last night and I can’t really contain myself.

Just because I have to say it – I really loved it. If you haven’t seen it yet and you’re a fan of the genre, go see it. Great actors, awesome story (always a superhero fan, myself), and as always, an amazing score from Zimmer. (Did I ever mention I used to be a band geek? Oh, random thought – the MP3 version of Zimmer’s Inception soundtrack is just $5 on Amazon right now. Totally worth it!)


Mmmmm, hello Handsome! This gorgeous image borrowed lovingly from Jeffrey Taylor’s totally awesome “Spoiler-Free Review” of Man of Steel on You might wanna go read it (just click the image to go). He obviously has fantastic taste.

Okay, now to get this train of thought out of the gutter *ahem* back on track…

As we drive home from a movie, my family always discusses what we liked and disliked, why we think the director or writers did this or that, and how it stacks up to similar movies. Last night, my mother asked me why I thought the Kent family had two breeds of dogs. Aside from the obvious: ‘the first dog wouldn’t live 30 something years so why not?’, we started to come up with some other ideas.

Maybe a producer, a writer, or the director had both an Australian Cattle Dog and a Border Collie and wanted to pay homage to both breeds? Both are great farm dogs, though I don’t actually recall seeing any livestock to herd. I can easily see how people who like one breed would also be fond of the other (case in point, many of my fosters and Lana).



But I wonder if someone thought to avoid recreating the whole ‘101 Dalmatians fiasco’, as I (and probably a bunch of other people) call it. Remember when Disney made the live action version? About a billion people thought Dalmatians were perfect for them because of that film, and many found out they were wrong. They are pretty big and tend to be active dogs. Really not the right breed for everyone! An old article on CNN written by Beth Nissen explained, “Within months of the 1996 film’s [101 Dalmatians] Christmastime release, thousands of Dalmatians had been rejected — let loose in the streets and along highways, or brought to animal shelters and municipal dog pounds.” Nissen quoted Rose Channer, vice president of outreach for the SPCA in Los Angeles, California: “Dalmatians were outnumbering every other breed brought in that year”. Not only that, but they were buying the puppies from backyard breeders who began breeding the dogs for money rather than quality.

Still of Richardson and Daniels in 101 Dalmatians

I get the allure; they’re freaking adorable. This still of Joely Richardson and Jeff Daniels in 101 Dalmatians borrowed from IMDb. (Thanks, IMDb!) Click if you wanna go there.

By using two different breeds of dogs were they trying to avoid a bunch of people going out and buying ‘the dog Superman owned’?

Honestly I doubt they would have thought of that, but it’s a nice idea. Not as nice as using mutts, but still. I gotta say I’m tired of seeing German Shepherds in every movie ever (not that I don’t love the breed). Regardless of the breed used, it was nice to show that people can, in fact, fall in love with more than one type of dog.


Simply beautiful still borrowed from As always, click the picture to go to the link!


I couldn’t find a picture of his other dog, so I did this. He’s cute too. The dog, that is. And the man…Where was I going with this? (Click the image to go to the link –

I was pretty pleased by how often the dogs showed up considering they weren’t really important to the story (does this count as a spoiler?). I imagine this was meant to emphasize the all-American-ness of Superman, but who can say for sure? Either way, I was happy. Side note: apparently some people were upset about the lack of Krypto the Superdog in the movie, but honestly I’m not. I think that would have made it too… campy? Not quite the word I’m looking for, but it’s the closest I’ve got. The same reason there were reservations about giving Batman one of his Robins in the Dark Knight trilogy. Krypto was just not necessary. Also not necessary, but somewhat disappointing, was that Miss Lana’s namesake only showed up once. Though, I admit, that’s still better than not at all, which is what I expected.

All dog things aside, the movie was fantastic. Thanks for reading this week’s Media Monday, now go get your tickets for Man of Steel!