Have A Blast But Keep Your Cool

That was the advice I gave on the Facebook page regarding the Fourth of July. I just wanted to use this space to emphasize it.

I’ve seen tons of reminders about how scary tonight will be for dogs, and that’s great. Because to many, it will be. But I also wanted to pitch in that not all dogs fear fireworks. In fact, I’ve never owned one that was.


So yes, make sure your pet is wearing their collar and preferably stays indoors with a television or radio on, if you can’t be there. But, don’t expect them to fear fireworks. Just prepare for them to fear fireworks.


I once tried out a dog I considered adopting (ultimately deciding I hadn’t had Lana long enough to add another dog to the family). I had him either the weekend of July 4th or New Years (I’m thinking it must have been the 4th). The current owner warned me he was terrified of fireworks.

He really wasn’t. It is possible he was reacting to her anxiety. Or, given that he had 3 dog siblings, he may have been reacting to one of them. But in my apartment, he was calm as could be. Because Lana and I were calm.

It is not always that easy of a fix. In fact, usually it won’t be. And just because your dog is fearful does NOT mean it is your fault. This is just something to keep in mind.


So yes, I will be there for my dogs, and when they’re outside they’ll wear leashes and collars (even though one of them is practically deaf). But I’m not going to give them any reason to think they should be scared.

So have a happy Fourth of July, and certainly make sure your pets are safe and sound, but give them a little credit. They might not be as scared as you think.