Happy Days Ahead For Sunny!

Oh my gosh. Has it really be three months?! I’m so embarrassed. Time flies, doesn’t it?

But we’re here and now (as we always are) and there is no better time or place to slip right back and pretend as though I wasn’t MIA for far too long.

So, there is a little bit of catch up – some of which I’ve honestly forgotten. Most importantly, Sunny found a home! A wonderful home!!

Sunny with his new adoptive momma.Sunny is in Gainesville now, which I’m sure is quite a shock to his little Tallahassee self, but I don’t think he’s too out of place. 😉 His new mom has a huge yard for him, bought him toys he can have all to himself, and of course has already found him a pack of doggie friends. Not to mention, I can’t say how thrilled I am to have already received some pictures and updates!

Sunny with his foster mom (me, left) and his adoptive mom (right)I will miss his goofy antics and his super sweet personality, but I am happy to know he is going to someone who will also appreciate all of the little things about him. The following are all pictures his mom sent to me of him in his new home. Look how spoiled he is! I couldn’t be happier for him. He finally got the life he deserved, and it makes my heart swell.

Sunny's ride home

He was excited for his new life as early as the car ride to his new home! Smart boy!

Sunny in his forever home Sunny in his forever home Sunny in his forever homeTo all who had been following Sunny’s story, thank you. He is truly a lucky boy to get such a great second shot at life. His is the story we hope all rescue dogs will get to tell. There are a million great animals out there in need of forever families. Please remember: adopt, foster, volunteer, donate, or share to help every one get the happy ending they deserve.

-Kayla and Lana

Shooting Sundance

I have a goal this weekend to get a great picture of Sunny. So, much to his dismay, he gets to spend his days being followed by his own personal paparazzi (puparazzi?). He isn’t the most willing model (he’d much rather be cuddling or playing), but he occasionally forgets to make himself blurry and takes a pretty handsome picture. Then it’s just up to me to not ruin it!

Admittedly, a couple of these images are not my best work. They are really more of a reminder to use an actual camera and not a smart phone. But, it felt like cheating to post just one image, so we have a few that show his personality and a few that show his rugged good looks!

Sunny close up

Sunny helping with make up

Sunny helping foster mom get ready for work – which he now does daily!


Sunny cuddles with his foster dad

Sunny cuddling with foster dad on a cold night

Sunny close up

Sundance shows offSo yes, I have a photo-dodging dog. He’s like an adorable little big foot. But he cleans up nicely! Please feel free to share him if you think you know someone who might want to adopt him!

Challenge 1: Sunny versus Stairs

I had started writing daily updates on Sunny, but realized I just didn’t have the energy to work full time, provide Sunny with the attention he needed, and blog daily as well. If you follow me on Facebook (personally or through Dream Big, Bark Loudly’s official page) or on Instagram, then you’ve been getting daily updates anyway! Adoptable Retriever, SunnyI will, however, still share the big accomplishments, the funny stories, and the incredible changes as they happen. First: the ‘huge’ accomplishment that is going up and down stairs.

Last Saturday when I brought Sunny home, he was what we rescue folks call ‘terrified’. He had to be carried from the back seat of my car, up stairs, and over to my front door. If I hadn’t had to unlock the door and open it, I would have carried him straight into the living room.

Adoptable Sunny's First Day in FosterSunny had a few hours to settle in and sniff around before Michael got home from the football game. At that point, we decided it was time to take the dogs out and feed them. Sunny wore a martingale collar so he could get used to the feeling of something around his neck, and I hooked the leash to his harness.

As always, Lana ran out the door first with Michael, and Sunny and I brought up the rear. About 5 feet from the stairs, our little foster boy dropped to the ground and refused to move. I didn’t think too much about it, just picked him up and carried him down stairs. However, after several more walks where that 48 pound little mess had to be carried up and down stairs, my thighs and back were killing me. No more!

Adoptable Retriever, Sunny, is looking for a forever home in Florida.

But I cannot say enough good things about Sunny and his desire to please. We spent about 15-20 minutes, treats in hand, going up one stair at a time. And, by Sunday night, Sunny could slowly traverse the stairwell on his own. A week later, he can keep up with the rest of the family! With him, the most important part of training is the praise.

Adoptable Retriever, Sunny, is looking for a forever home in Florida.

If you had asked me then, I would have said it would take Sunny a good week to figure out the stairs. I am beyond thrilled that with just one training session he picked it up. Sunny is treat motivated and smart. And like so many retrievers, he lives to please his handler. With lots of praise and positive training, Sunny is a joy to train. This little boy is amazing and will be ready for a home in no time. Even if his future family lives upstairs.

Adoptable Retriever, Sunny, is looking for a forever home in Florida.

We need to focus on confidence building before we tackle tricks, but this experience has me convinced he’ll be ready for a home in no time. Sunny came to us with so much to learn, and in just one week he has already come so far. I cannot wait to see this boy reach his potential.

We Want… Pop Doggie!

I ran across something awesome on tumblr yesterday, just in time for ‘We Want It Wednesday’! Seriously. Are you prepared for this?


Isn’t that precious?

But I’m sure I know what you’re thinking. Yeah, Newfies are nice, but I prefer ______. Fear not, my friends! They’ve got you covered.


Yeah, I’ve already picked out some I want. And a couple to buy one of my besties. WHO JUST HAD A BIRTHDAY SO NOW I HAVE TO WAIT! Boo.

ImageSooooo cute! But only two more and I’ll leave you to enjoy the rest of your hump day.

ImageThey have less common breeds, too! And I know there are a TON of Pit Bull fans out here on the internet. There are a bunch of Pittie choices, too.

ImageDo you adore these magnets and canvas prints as much as I do? Then head on over to http://popdoggie.com/ and order some, today!

It’s just a Retriever kinda day

So my internet is being weird lately. Everything has been a bit odd, to be honest. Yesterday was a bit of a roller coaster (under exaggerating) and this weekend might not be much better. But, that’s not the point of this post. Actually, I have a few dogs I’ve been keeping an eye on lately and wanted to share them here.

This is what RESCUE looks like | Dream Big, Bark Loudly

This handsome boy comes from a home but doesn’t seem to have a name. His owner gave him to the shelter because he acted too much like a Golden! His owner said he was ‘tired of the dog digging and bringing sticks and such into the yard’. (Clearly someone hasn’t read my post about daycare for destructive dogs!) So now this young (just 2 years old!) Golden mix is stuck in a shelter for the second time in his life, and he is on the urgent list.

This is what RESCUE looks like | Dream Big, Bark Loudly

This unnamed hero is located in Suwannee County Animal Control in McAlpin, FL. Frankly I’m not sure where that is, but someone said North Fl, so we’ll go with that. Aussie and Me rescue is actually asking for fosters for this boy, and I did offer my name as a temp foster, but if they want something long term he may still need help. We typically don’t consider an animal safe until it has physically left the shelter!

This is what RESCUE looks like | Dream Big, Bark Loudly

It’s all about Retrievers today, and aren’t they lovely! This girl’s shelter says: “Lola is a 7 month old female Retriever. She can’t understand why someone would abandon her at the shelter. Lola loves to play, and she is a very smart young girl. Located in Crawfordville, Florida. Contact FriendsOfWCAC@gmail.com.”

When I was a little girl, we had a Black Lab like Lola. Ours was dumb as dirt, but she was still a fantastic dog.  =)

If you are interested in either dog, you are welcome to contact their shelter directly!

And in case you were wondering, adorable Amstel has been rescued!

This is what RESCUE looks like | Dream Big, Bark Loudly

I will be sure to update you if I take the unnamed Golden! Cross your fingers he gets out, no matter who rescues him!

The Power of Social Networking

We have some incredible news this morning. Beau the cat, who was featured yesterday on DBBL has not only found a home, he found HIS home! After sharing my post on Facebook, one of my very awesome friends recognized Beau as Mortymer, a cat who had been lost for several months!

Long story short, I met some very cool people and a girl and her cat have been reunited! I seriously couldn’t have imagined a happier ending! Whether it was fate (which you know is often what I believe) or it was just somebody’s lucky day, I’m grateful for it. I love an ending where everyone goes home happy.

So, we have one adventure done, and I’d say it’s about time to start another. When I awoke this morning I was tagged in a picture of a very handsome Retriever mix (who just so happens to be stuck in the same shelter my puppy was in before a rescue saved her). I can’t so no to a Golden, so say hello to our next featured adoptable!


This is Teddy, an adult Golden Retriever mix. Teddy weighs approximately 50 pounds. He is in need of an adoption or rescue commitment, as his time in the shelter is limited. Poor Teddy is not in the shelter because he was a ‘bad boy’, but because his owner passed away. I’m sure this scenario never even crossed his former owner’s mind, and I’m also sure they would have wanted him to go to a nice home, not a shelter.

Teddy’s ID number is: D-9414

He is located at:
Pasco County Animal Services (Tampa Bay, FL)
19640 Dogpatch Ln.
Land O’Lakes, FL 34638
To place a hold as adopter or foster/rescue: You must email BEFORE the time they are scheduled to be put to sleep. Email to adoptionpartners@pascocountyfl.net
The subject MUST be IN CAPS: ATTN DO NOT EUTH (ID#____).
To call (Mon-Fri until 4:30) 727-834-3216 or 727-834-3218 or 813-929-1212
Rescues can go and collect the dog when not open to the public, please email them to make arrangements.
There you have it! If you think you might know anyone looking for a big, hunky guy like Teddy, please don’t hesitate to let them know about him! You might just make the difference in saving his life!