Happy Fathers’ Day!

Hello, readers! I wanted to wish a quick ‘Happy Fathers’ Day’ to all the dads out there.

First, to my wonderful dad. He works hard and is an amazing parent (along with my mother, of course). He raised my sister and I with animals. I love the example he set for us – work hard and have fun. He is more than a little responsible for my great taste in television.

Dad and me sleeping

He may have also passed along the ability to sleep anywhere, any time, as needed.

He can build anything and I know I can always turn to him when something breaks or my car has an issue.

Dad sledding

Dad demonstrating how to use the cargo liner of our SUV as a sled.

Dad also spoils Miss Lana. Mugen will grow on him sooner or later. (Not a cat person in theory, but really, I think his ‘animal person’ nature will override that.)


Dad’s great with birds. But he’s a llama-whisperer. Seriously. It’s odd.

My father is the best example of a great man, wonderful husband, and awesome father. I could not have asked for a better upbringing. Short of being a princess. I love you, Dad!


Lana and I love you! <3

Also happy dad’s day to my grandfathers, I love y’all too. There are so many reasons my parents are so great, and a lot of them can be linked back to you gentlemen.

To all the fur dads out there: happy fathers’ day. You cart animals around, walk them, feed them, play with them, clean up after them, and most importantly, you love them unconditionally. For that, you are great men.