Falling off the wagon?

In my time, I’ve fallen off many wagons. Figuratively. I haven’t been around that many literal wagons. Curse my suburban upbringing!

So as I said before, I offered to temp. foster that handsome Golden mix, and another woman (girl? lady?) offered to take him as well. Unsurprisingly, the rescue asked if one of us might tackle another dog looking for a foster home so we could both be utilized. She said “Border Collie mix” and I was afraid for my life.

I got so lucky with Lana. If she really is a Border mix, she doesn’t act like it. Thank the gods…

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But, they said she was sweet and submissive and a fairly new mommy, which makes me think she’ll be manageable. The flip side is now I’m tempted to offer to take on a puppy, too. Alas, I only have 1 crate so I’d best keep myself in check.

Adventures in Fostering Dogs | Dream Big, Bark Loudly

Quick side note, if you want to have a matching foster, two of the puppies still need a place to go!

I’ll keep you updated. And I have an emotional post that’s been brewing, waiting for the right time to be written. That will come soon, too. I’ll need as much advice as you all are willing to give.

In the mean time, my question for you is this: would you ever consider taking on multiple fosters at once? Like a momma and her puppy or more than one puppy?