The Friends I’ve Yet To Meet

More and more I find myself struggling to keep my head above water in the world of blogging. Every once in a while, the part of me I try to keep quiet reminds me I specialize in an already over-saturated niche and I feel hopeless.

In response, I browse blogs that tackle topics like mine, to see what they do better than I do. And I’m always blown away.

Because we’re always different. Even if it’s just a little bit. I can still learn from others. What a difference good photography makes. How finding a like-minded group not only increases readership, but brings an audience of allies who encourage a blogger. The million little tricks that help a blog stand out, both at first glance and after seriously reading. The effects of color and layout on a website. How much I friggin’ love italics.

Today’s Daily Prompt asks: what makes a blog good, and what makes one great? I think interesting content makes a blog good. Beautiful images. A lasting message. These are all things I’ve learned from others. But what makes a blog great is really the writer. Not their skill, per se, but their personality. Their unique perspective on life. There are things I could only experience through others, and there are ideas that never would have entered my mind. But it’s not just intellectual. When I find a writer (or a pinner or a tumblr-er or whatever) like myself, I feel like I’ve found a friend.


When I read, blog or book, I want to be lost in a story my good friend, whom I’ve never met, is telling.