Shelter Sunday

I know, once upon a time I used to do “Find a Friend Friday”. However, seeing as I spend my Sundays volunteering at the shelter, it makes more sense for me to switch my days on the blog. That way my posts are as up to date as possible!

This morning, I spent another 3 hours with the dogs at the Tallahassee Leon Community Animal Services Center. (The Tallahassee Animal Shelter, for those who don’t know.) The runs are COMPLETELY full. There is no shortage of great dogs, or even dogs that fit my taste. Among my personal favorites are:
Tucker, a well trained and polite Boxer/Cattle Dog mix.
Ben, a sweet older hound dog with much more energy than you’d expect a senior to have.
Loki, a Treeing Cur mix with a fantastic name, who does great in play groups.
Beau, a “Lab/Akita” mix who looks more like a Border/Lab, which of course means I’m crazy about him. He is 6 months old, soft, and is entertained by little things, such as chasing flies.

But there are so many more! A couple of little dogs, a couple of fluffier dogs, puppies, seniors, ladies, and gentlemen – there is a dog for anyone in need.

Mabeline, an adoptable 4 year old Cur/Pit mix at the Tallahassee Animal Shelter.

Mabeline, a sweet 4 year old Cur/Pit mix, couldn’t wait for her picture to be taken! I met her in playgroup, so we know she does well with friendly dogs and people.

Tucker, an adoptable 3 year old Boxer/Cattle Dog mix. Well mannered and already trained, he is at the Tallahassee Animal Shelter.

Tucker, my black and white heartthrob. He is so polite and sweet, and has a distorted little heart on his side. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Loki, a 2 year old Treeing Cur mix is available for adoption from the animal shetler in Tallahassee, FL. He is great with other dogs and people!

Loki is 2 years old and had a blast running in circles in play group today. He is stunning and so sweet!

Beau is an adoptable 6 month old Lab mix at the Tallahassee Animal Shelter.

Beau is a 6 month old typical puppy. Playful, soft, loving, and a little bit ADD. He actually reminds me a lot of Lana, and though heโ€™s listed as a Lab/Akita, I think I see some Border Collie in that handsome mug.

I will have these photos and more uploaded to the Facebook page, and you’ll likely see a few pop up on my Pinterest and Instagram accounts, as well. I’d love to see these babies (and all the others in the shelter) find homes, so please feel free to share this page and/or my Courtesy Posts album on Facebook. Thanks for reading (and rescuing)!

Sunny’s Progress (And A Foster Plea)

Sunny has come a long way since he joined our little pack. Just a couple of small issues to fix and he’ll be ready for his forever home! Unfortunately, terrible lighting in my new apartment means I don’t have very many good pictures of my handsome boy, but I assure you, a photo shoot is on the to-do list.

Adoptable Golden mix, Sunny

Adoptable Golden mix, Sunny, is ready for a forever home! Through Aussie And Me Animal Rescue.

Sundance has learned a few ‘tricks’ while he’s been here. More importantly, he has learned how to be a good indoor dog. Thankfully, he came to us potty trained. Now he noses his leash when he needs to go outside, walks very nicely on leash, and knows bed time means going into his crate (which also means a treat!).

Adoptable Golden mix, Sunny

Sunny knows his crate is where he can go to rest and stay warm in these “harsh” Florida winters.

Sunny, like Lana, now sits for his food without having to be asked. He comes when called and is learning to shake ‘hands’. I am also happy to report that he lets me brush his teeth!

Adoptable Golden mix, Sunny

Sunny is a joy to foster. Easily one of my easiest fosters to date.

Sunny is mild mannered, super sweet, and between his love of food and love of his people, he is incredibly easy to train. Though I’ve never owned a Golden Retriever before, his attitude is exactly as I imagined their trademark easy-going demeanor. He would make an excellent companion for a first time owner or a low energy household. Just give him some toys and he’ll entertain himself!

Adoptable Retriever, Sunny, is tired of waiting for a forever home

Sunny is tired of waiting for his forever home! Won’t you share him so he can find his family?

So he’s pretty much perfect, right? Basically! All he needs before he can be adopted is to be neutered (already scheduled for this Tuesday) and to be de-wormed again. Easy enough!

Adoptable Retriever, Sunny is easy going and so sweet.

When he isn’t playing or begging to be petted, he is usually found napping.

So maybe you’re thinking “I should adopt this dog“. Yes! Go for it! Just fill out an adoption application on the Aussie and Me website and tell them Sundance sounds like a long lost member of your family! Or, maybe you’re thinking “Geez, what a cool dog! I can’t adopt a dog right now, but I sure wish I could temporarily have a dog like this one”. Oh boy, do I have good news for you! Sunny’s former housemate, Joe, needs a new place to go! He’s currently in a wonderful foster home, but he needs something a little… different. Both Sunny and Joe were beat up on by other dogs in their old home. Sunny and Lana get along well, but Joe is afraid of his large foster sibling. He needs a foster home with a calm, smaller dog or no dog at all. I’ve never met him, but am told he also acts like your typical Golden.

Joe, an adoptable Golden mix needs a calm foster home and some TLC

Joe must find a new foster home where he can feel safe and loved. Please share to help him find a new foster home!

Isn’t he gorgeous?! If you’re interested in helping this handsome boy blossom into his true self, please contact me or send a message to Aussie and Me either via e-mail or Facebook. He is currently in Jacksonville but I imagine he could travel a little for a good home.

What can you do to help animals? A lot, actually!

A Dog Themed “Social Sunday”

I’ve spent weeks drilling my boyfriend, my mother, and anyone else who will cooperate, trying to make Dream Big more enjoyable. The feedback I got isn’t all that surprising. Basically, they’ve reminded me that this is a blog, not a novel. And while there are some topics than need lots of words, I should occasionally give myself and my readers a break by shutting up once in a while. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  Of course it was said nicer than that.

So, as my way of sharing without as many words, I’ve decided to participate in “The Sunday Social with Neely and Ashley”. However, since this is an animal blog, I’ll try to keep in theme. In fact, my twist is these answers will only include animal themed Pins. I mean, Pinterest is like my second home and I have actual favorites, but dogs is what you’re here for, right?

This Weeks Questions:

1. What is your favorite outfit pin?

A Dog Themed Social SundaySo stinking cute! Continue reading

Feel Good Friday

I saw a super cute video on Facebook yesterday and wanted to wait until today to share it. Originally, I’d planned a separate blog post and to just share the video on our Facebook fan page, but I’ve changed my mind. Since it’s Friday, I want to share several fun videos, and no wordy post!

Just to start off, remember how I mentioned the importance of teaching “wait” earlier this week? There is an awesome video on YouTube of a whole pack of dogs who have mastered the trick. And guess what? Their household was peaceful and organized even at dinner time.


But, too much work without play doesn’t make a feel good Friday, so here’s a dog who can play fetch all by himself!


Or this little guy in the UK.


There’s also this self-sufficient puppy in Japan.


But, really, nobody wants to play alone. Especially when you have such fun friends nearby!


Even if they can be a little annoying…


I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and weekend! I think it’s time for me to go make Lana’s day as good as all of these dogs’ days were.

Letters From Lana

Dear readers,

It’s me, Lana! You know, the star of Dream Big, Bark Loudly! Momma’s mad at me, so she said she didn’t want to blog about me today. Which really, I should be mad at her! So I’m going to just write today’s blog post myself.

Momma writes at a desk, but I'm smart. I write where I can watch the porch-lizards.

Momma writes at a desk, but I’m smart. I write where I can watch the porch-lizards.

Last night, Nana (momma’s momma) accidentally dropped a pill. Naturally, since I like to be helpful, I ate it for her. I think momma turned about as white as me. Papa asked why I won’t eat my heartworm pill, but I’ll eat Nana’s pills.

Duh. Because it was pink! (Just kidding, I don’t know what “pink” is, but momma insists it’s my favorite color.) I’ll admit it. I didn’t mean to eat medicine. It just looked like a crumb.

So after eating a gross crumb, I thought surely I’d paid enough for my ‘gluttony’, as momma calls it. I was wrong. It got worse. Momma and my grandparents spent a while trying to figure out which pill was missing. They decided it was a blood pressure/diuretic. Mom didn’t think it was very funny that her “incontinent dog” ate a “diuretic” pill. But I don’t know what either of those things are. I assume by ‘incontinent’ she meant ‘incredible’ and by ‘diuretic’ she meant ‘the world’s most disappointing food crumb’. Don’t be too hard on her – she hasn’t used big words in a long time.

That's because she spends more time on Pinterest than on WordPress.

That’s because she spends more time on Pinterest than on WordPress.

Anyway, she claimed she thought I’d be okay, but took me outside with a cup of some clear, bubbly liquid. She shot some of it down my throat with a syringe. Then she walked me around and rubbed my belly, complaining that something was taking too long.

She complains about stuff a lot, so I didn’t pay too much attention. Plus I got distracted by a big frog, so I wasn’t listening to exactly what was taking so long. My tummy hurt a little, but I didn’t throw up then. Momma always says “mind over matter”! Except last night. Last night she just complained that the liquid was too old and said she’d buy more soon.

In the middle of the night, my tummy started to hurt worse and I did end up puking on mom’s carpet. Oh and I peed on it early in the morning. Like, the moon was still out. Momma looked tired, (she’s scary in the morning) but she took me outside to pee again and then cleaned the floor before she went back to bed. I felt really bad, but she didn’t yell at me.

Too bad we're both tired today. It's weird, the grumpy old lady is more peppy than we are.

Too bad we’re both tired today. It’s weird, the grumpy old lady is more peppy than we are.

So, anyway, she didn’t feel much like writing today, so I gave it a shot. I gotta say, I think I’m pretty good. For a dog. (I think it helps that mom talks to me like a person.)

Anyway, I know most people do a Word-less Wednesday, but since this is the first time I got to write, I decided Wordy Wednesday was more fun. Mom says it’s Thursday now. She got mad because ‘some idiot wasn’t paying attention on the road’ and knocked out mom’s ‘link to the outside world’. She just kept mumbling no internet, no cable, nothing to do. Don’t worry, I entertained her until bed time. So much fetching!

Anyway, today momma’s happy again, so I guess I can post this now. It’s been fun! Maybe I’ll take over the blog more often!

Maybe I'll just make this my office.

Maybe I’ll just make this my office.

Love, Lana