Our Christmas Cat – An Open Letter

To the person who owned our Christmas Cat:

On Friday, I found your cat. He walked with a limp and looked, for lack of a better word, ragged. He was friendly and had a notched ear. I was sure he was a feral, but he seemed like he needed help. So I scooped him up and carried him into my home. I gave him food and water and a safe place to sleep. He is skin and bones and so full of love.

Feral KittyToday, I took him to the vet. They informed me he is likely at least 15 years old. He is obviously too thin, missing many teeth, nearly blind, and likely suffers from numerous age related diseases. It seems I took him in just in time for his final months. My humble apartment will be his retirement home.

I am not telling you this because I assume you’ve dumped him. In fact it’s quite the opposite; I believe you loved this boy. You see, when my vet scanned him for a microchip, they found one. But it was incorrectly registered to a dog on the other side of the country. The phone number associated with it was disconnected, and thus the owner unreachable.

bathtime for the new catI feel heartbroken for your cat. I’m sure he misses you, and for his sake I have to assume you miss him too. I just want you to know that even if I never find you, I will give your baby the same love you did way back when. I will make sure his bowl is always full of food and his bed stays warm and dry. Anytime he meows I will come running. He can’t see me, but I’m making sure that he feels the love you would give him if you could. I am sorry you’ve lost your baby, and that I haven’t been able to find you. Please don’t worry about him. He’s got a home for Christmas.

Family time with Christmas CatSincerely,
Your kitty’s loving caretaker

Happy Mother’s Day!

I would like to wish a very Happy Mother’s Day to every mom out there. If you consider yourself a mom, that’s what matters. Biological moms, adoptive moms, foster moms, legal guardians, furmoms, etc. You all do great things. Please treat yourself today.

Happy Mother's Day to all mommas!

My mom is a biological momma and a furmom.

Specifically, I’d like to say Happy Mother’s Day to my mom. You raised me well. I know I was an annoying child. I distinctly remember quoting Lion King every single day for who knows how long. I also remember the long list of unreasonable fears I had, from carbon monoxide poisoning to snakes hiding at the foot of my bed. You sat with me and put up with terrible television shows until I was wise enough to be introduced to the good stuff. You’ve created a fangirl-ing monster, but I have you and dad to thank for anything that’s not on Adult Swim.

Mom puts up with selfies. Thanks, mom!

Mom accompanies me to Disney and then puts up with selfies. Thanks, mom!

You were the first person to follow my blog. You went beyond the bare minimum for my education, even paying for the degree that I totally ended up using. You tutored me, encouraged me, and drove me to school and music lessons. You were never too harsh when explaining I couldn’t simply move to LA and become an actress or singer. You buy my furkid gifts and treats and babysit her without complaint. (Even when she drags you to the emergency vet for surprise surgery.)

Whether or not you think all of my schemes are brilliant ideas, I always feel like you have my back. And that is priceless. Thank you for everything you do, Mom. I love you.

Momma with a sloth friend.

My momma, loving on a sloth, of course.

My thoughts today, to Miss Lana: I would joke that I’m sorry you ended up with a ‘mom’ like me, but we both know we’re a good match. You’ve driven me insane from time to time, but I love you from the bottom of my heart. You’re goofy and stubborn and such a diva, but you are the most loyal companion I could have asked for. You’ve comforted me in sickness and in sadness, and made me laugh when I’ve been wallowing in self-pity. You are fantastic, Kid. Keep it up. Thanks for letting me be your momma.

My little girl. <3

My little girl. <3

To my former fosters: You will always be my children. Deal with it. I’ve loved you as though you were my own, and I am so happy you have new families who love you just as much. I hope that if you remember me, you don’t ever think that I abandoned you. Instead, I hope that you can sense that there always was and always will be a place for each of you in my heart.

Love cuddling with the babies.

Love cuddling with the babies. Also, shout out to any other Disney Alumni!

To the moms who adopted my former fosters: You are wonderful. You not only have great taste in dogs, but you rescued yours! I can’t thank you enough for finding room in your homes and your hearts for these furkids. I miss them terribly from time to time, but I trust they are in good hands. Thank you, and Happy Mother’s Day.

To my ‘stranger on the porch’: I don’t know if you have another family. Only time will tell. But you always have a safe place to stay with us.

Stranger on the porch, you are for now my child, too.

Stranger on the porch, you are for now my child, too.

I love being a mom to my furry little kids. They are worth every mess, every sleepless night, all the money they eat (both literally and figuratively), and the time they take. Being a ‘mom’ has changed me to my very core. It’s one of my favorite parts of my identity. Being a mom has fantastic rewards, 365 days of the year, and I’m grateful I can experience them.

Obviously. (Source.)

Obviously. (Source.)

Find-A-Friend Friday

If you’ve been following our Facebook page (which you really should be doing!), then you probably saw our post about SPCA Suncoast. For those who don’t know, SPCA Suncoast is a shelter close to home. I actually attended one of their events for one of my old employers (Camp K9 in Trinity, Florida). But, they are also a shelter struggling for money.

Yes, all shelters and rescues are struggling for money. But this one is on the verge of having to close their doors. There already aren’t that many shelters in the area. Some of those that are nearby have suffered from freak accidents (a tornado hit one pretty hard), parvo outbreaks, and really bad press. Like, really bad. A certain unnamed shelter is working on completely changing who is in charge. Which really, that same unnamed shelter should have gladly accepted me as a volunteer when I offered, but that’s their loss.

Anyway, I’m trying to do my part by choosing animals from SPCA Suncoast for this week’s Find-A-Friend Friday. Which, unfortunately is a little bit difficult. Mostly because their Facebook, website, and Petango account are not all on the same page. (I’m assuming they’re a little focused on finances right now rather than social media – fair enough I suppose.) Therefore, I’m not actually positive which animals are up for adoption and which were up for adoption. For this, I apologize. Please consider that your warning. There are animals in need of homes at this shelter. Maybe this dog and this cat! (But, any other week a dog or cat I feature could theoretically get adopted 3 seconds after I click “publish post”; it’s not so very different, right?)

This week’s dog is known as Lip. He is a beautiful, young (about 1 year old) Red Heeler. His ID number is 22114851.

Find-A-Friend Friday | Dream Big, Bark Loudly

The cat of the week is Crybaby. Her ID number is: 22136761. She is spayed and not declawed.They estimate that she is less than 6 months old.

Find-A-Friend Friday | Dream Big, Bark LoudlyIf you would like to support the SPCA Suncoast from far away,they have a donation link here. They will also have a truck where Tampa/Odessa/Lutz/New Port Richey locals can drop off donations. For more information, the Facebook event is here.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your upcoming weekend!

Find-A-Friend Friday

This week we feature two dogs and a cat from the Bainbridge Humane Society.

First we have this big guy. When I saw Hartman I knew I had to share him with the world. He’s such a handsome boy!

HARTMAN - Adoptable mixed breed male dog in Bainbridge, GA  HARTMAN - Adoptable mixed breed male dog in Bainbridge, GA  HARTMAN - Adoptable mixed breed male dog in Bainbridge, GA

Look at those ears! And that coloration. He’s stunning. The shelter says:

Look at those colors! Hartman is a very good looking guy that was found roaming by a good Samaritan. He is heartworm positive, but with an approved application, funds are available for treatment. Check him out today!

Male Approximate Age – 2 Yrs ID – 24337


Why two dogs? Well, there I was, thinking I’d found my share-able dog. Yet, I couldn’t stop myself from scrolling down the page. And can you guess what caught my eye? A Lana sibling! (Not really, of course, but I can see enough similarities that I feel like I owe it to this stern-looking hunk to share him, too.) So, meet Sonny!

SONNY - Adoptable mixed breed male dog in Bainbridge, GA  SONNY - Adoptable mixed breed male dog in Bainbridge, GA  SONNY - Adoptable mixed breed male dog in Bainbridge, GA

The shelter staff say:

How handsome is this guy?! He was found roaming around in the county looking for a new home. Come meet Sonny today and see if he’s just what your family has been missing! This is a very cute boy, who is very strong, will need owner who can understand his needs.  (This usually translates to: ‘this is not a dog for beginners’, but that certainly doesn’t mean he’s a bad dog!)

Male Approximate Age – 2 yrs ID – 23617


And for this week’s feline friend, I present Robin.

It was incredibly difficult for me to pick a cat to feature. Honestly they all looked so darn cute. (I mean, I’m a dog person, so a cat looks like a cat, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t adorable!) However, between her name and her special need, I just know this is the girl I’m meant to share.

ROBIN - Adoptable female cat in Bainbridge, GA. She is blind, but still deserves a home!  ROBIN - Adoptable female cat in Bainbridge, GA. She is blind, but still deserves a home!

The shelter staff say:

Robin came to us through animal control. She is a very sweet baby, but is blind. She needs an understanding home that will help her adjust to a new wonderful life with a new family.   (I honestly wish I could take this girl myself. Unfortunately I don’t trust that Lana would understand to be gentle with a blind cat. When I’ve spoken to owners of blind pets, they’ve never indicated their disability made life too difficult. This girl deserves a loving home just as much as the other cats in the shelter – please don’t let her blindness deter you!)

Female Approximate Age – 8 month ID – 24339

The Bainbridge-Decatur County Humane Society is located at 1250 Cox Avenue Bainbridge, GA 39819. It’s just a stone throw away from the Florida-Georgia line. The shelter is open Monday – Saturday 11 am – 4 pm. If you’d like to contact them, their phone number is (229) 246-0101, and if you want to go to their website, you can do so by clicking HERE.

Find-A-Friend Friday

So I’m thinking about starting a weekly thing. If you read the title, you can probably guess it’ll be called Find-A-Friend Friday! So on this blog, I will post an adoptable dog and cat every Friday.

Today, I’m sharing adorable, adoptable Feta, from the Tallahassee Animal Shelter.


FETA – ID#A149587

Isn’t Feta so cute?! You can click on her picture to go to her adoption information page. The shelter claims she is an 8 month old Chinese Sharpei and Great Pyrenees cross. Based on the rarity of those breeds, I’m betting not, but who knows! Either way, she is a diamond in the rough. She came into the shelter on February 13th and is ready to find a new home.

And for our adoptable cat, I present Maya. She’s a spayed female Domestic Shorthair mix.


MAYA- ID#A148739

Maya has been at the shelter longer than any other cat there! She’s almost at a full month in the slammer, and I just know she’s ready for someone to bail her out. At around 9 years old, Maya is a mature girl who knows what she wants, and that’s you!

So, do you think you could get behind Find-A-Friend Friday? Or would you like to see adoptable animals posted every day on our Facebook page? Feel free to help me spread the word by sharing!