A Few Of Lana’s Favorite Things

Lana loves lots of things. Ice. Creeping on Watching the world through the window. Swimming. Though only in dirty water. Treats. The world’s most adorable Corgi, who lives in our building. Empty bottles. Anything I leave laying on the ground. But there are two things she cannot get enough of lately, two very special dog toys…

Lana's Favorite ToysHer “4 legged octopus” toy, and her Mickey Mouse blankey. The toy my dad picked out for her from Target. It squeaks like nobody’s business and has held its own against her murderous chewing. Even better, it’s just 6 bucks! (Plus Target’s got a deal going right now – if you spend $40 on pet food, treats, and/or litter you can save $10 with the code “PETS5”.)

The Mickey blanket was my free gift for joining the Disney Movie Club. It’s so very soft and she adores it. She uses it predominantly as a pillow. If you search retailmenot.com, you’ll find options for the free blanket, a free tote, a free thermos, etc. I chose the blanket because Miss Lana needed a new blanket, but you could always use a tote to carry your dog supplies, too. Or the thermos to carry coffee, allowing you to keep up with your pack.  Or however you want to justify it. We won’t judge. 😉

Lana's Favorite Dog ToysAfter a 9.5 hour work day, not much makes me happier than seeing my little one with her favorite (cheap) things. How does your dog make your day without even trying?