Sunny’s Guest Appearance With TPA

Last weekend a local rescue called Tallahassee Pets Alive hosted an adoption event and allowed my Sunny to be their guest of honor. (Not exactly how they worded it, but I thought his title needed a little more drama.)

Tallahassee Pets Alive Adoption Event FlyerHe sat patiently in a pen for 5 hours while I awkwardly hovered like the helicopter mom I may or may not be. Okay, definitely am. He was a true gentleman, never barking, and never denying a passerby attention. Kids pet him the wrong way and he didn’t flinch. Other dogs barked and he did not respond. He ‘smiled’ for photos and gently took treats from any hand that offered. And because I brought a baggie full of cookies, there were lots of treats.

20141206_1118082While I’ll admit I was tempted to leave his side long enough to grab a cheeseburger from across the street (Burger-Fi, yum!), I’m glad I stayed because this confident side of him is something I rarely see. When Miss Lana is around her reactivity is often reflected in his actions. I’m relieved to know without her, he is fully functional. No offense to my kid.

Sunny at the adoption eventSunny shone like the star he is and I am both pleased and sad to say he has two adoption applications! I am forever grateful to Tallahassee Pets Alive for giving me to opportunity to show off my bae, and super nervous about saying goodbye. Don’t get me wrong, I have met one of the potential adopters twice, and I love the idea of her taking him home. From what I can tell, several aspects of her lifestyle are similar to mine, which makes me hope that the transition wouldn’t be too difficult for Sunny.

Sunny was chill at the eventI know he is ready to go to a real home. He has come a long way and no longer needs me to coddle him. Sunny did a great job at his first (and hopefully last) adoption event. No worries – I’ll keep you all posted with any updates!

Hiatus – O V E R



Goodness, this place is deserted. And who is to blame? Me. Totally me. I may have scared a few people away when I went MIA.


IT’S CALLED A HIATUS! This just means I’m basically like a screenwriter.

But really, did you want me rambling on when I didn’t even have a foster dog? Where’s my credibility? Where’s the excitement? Just me and my perfectly trained angel of a dog – that’s not blog-worthy. Even if I am being a little sarcastic. A smidge sarcastic, tops.

It’s okay though. Because, my friends, WE’RE BACK!

YESSSSMostly. I didn’t get to pull a dog on my own yet. Turns out I get insanely excited about BIG ideas and then panic when it comes time to execute. And the dog I wanted to pull has bad joints and I live on the third floor, which seemed like not the ideal environment. So instead, I’m back with the fabulous Florida-based rescue, Aussie and Me. See Brody, the Aussie I almost stole foster-failed.

I don’t know for sure which dog I’m taking. I put in a request, and specifically begged to not take any puppies. I still haven’t forgotten how awful it was to house break Lana. Therefore, I don’t have pictures yet. But, this entire process was finalized today and I will have the new kid on SATURDAY; sometimes these things have to move pretty fast.

So, I will be back soon with pictures, an introduction, and a little bit of gibberish. You know, the usual.

-Kayla and Lana