Shelter Sunday

I know, once upon a time I used to do “Find a Friend Friday”. However, seeing as I spend my Sundays volunteering at the shelter, it makes more sense for me to switch my days on the blog. That way my posts are as up to date as possible!

This morning, I spent another 3 hours with the dogs at the Tallahassee Leon Community Animal Services Center. (The Tallahassee Animal Shelter, for those who don’t know.) The runs are COMPLETELY full. There is no shortage of great dogs, or even dogs that fit my taste. Among my personal favorites are:
Tucker, a well trained and polite Boxer/Cattle Dog mix.
Ben, a sweet older hound dog with much more energy than you’d expect a senior to have.
Loki, a Treeing Cur mix with a fantastic name, who does great in play groups.
Beau, a “Lab/Akita” mix who looks more like a Border/Lab, which of course means I’m crazy about him. He is 6 months old, soft, and is entertained by little things, such as chasing flies.

But there are so many more! A couple of little dogs, a couple of fluffier dogs, puppies, seniors, ladies, and gentlemen – there is a dog for anyone in need.

Mabeline, an adoptable 4 year old Cur/Pit mix at the Tallahassee Animal Shelter.

Mabeline, a sweet 4 year old Cur/Pit mix, couldn’t wait for her picture to be taken! I met her in playgroup, so we know she does well with friendly dogs and people.

Tucker, an adoptable 3 year old Boxer/Cattle Dog mix. Well mannered and already trained, he is at the Tallahassee Animal Shelter.

Tucker, my black and white heartthrob. He is so polite and sweet, and has a distorted little heart on his side. 😉

Loki, a 2 year old Treeing Cur mix is available for adoption from the animal shetler in Tallahassee, FL. He is great with other dogs and people!

Loki is 2 years old and had a blast running in circles in play group today. He is stunning and so sweet!

Beau is an adoptable 6 month old Lab mix at the Tallahassee Animal Shelter.

Beau is a 6 month old typical puppy. Playful, soft, loving, and a little bit ADD. He actually reminds me a lot of Lana, and though he’s listed as a Lab/Akita, I think I see some Border Collie in that handsome mug.

I will have these photos and more uploaded to the Facebook page, and you’ll likely see a few pop up on my Pinterest and Instagram accounts, as well. I’d love to see these babies (and all the others in the shelter) find homes, so please feel free to share this page and/or my Courtesy Posts album on Facebook. Thanks for reading (and rescuing)!

Find-A-Friend Friday – Family Edition!

Hello, all! I see you survived the week! Excellent news.

You want more excellent news? I promised my friends at the Gadsden County Humane Society that I’d feature some of their adoptable animals for this week’s Find-A-Friend Friday. And I have just the little family in mind!

Find-A-Friend Friday | Dream Big, Bark LoudlyMeet Sunshine (momma) and Ruby (baby). Aren’t they the cutest real life example of Pete and Repeat? I just adore the bottom picture – it screams ‘like mother like daughter’. Not to mention, I swear Sunshine looks like a dog I used to LOVE at daycare. I think she was a Border/Lab mix.

sunshine and pupsBut wait, there’s more! Sunshine actually has three little adoptable puppies! Mabel and Pruitt are also in foster with GCHS looking for forever homes. How precious are these dogs. It should be clear that’s why this adorable little family pulled at my heartstrings. Are they tempting you, too?


There is another special duo at the Gadsden County Humane Society that could use some good vibes this week. Axle and Sasha have been in foster for what feels like forever! They even have their own Facebook page! It sounds as though these lovely siblings would prefer a home together. Here’s what GCHS has to say about them:
“Axle and Sasha are a brother/sister duo looking for a home with no young children. They love attention and playing with other dogs but are easily scared. They need someone special that will take the time to get to know them and allow them adjust to their new home.”

Find-A-Friend Friday | Dream Big, Bark Loudly

This is Axle. Both he and Sasha need a forever home with a loving, easy-going, and patient family.

Find-A-Friend Friday | Dream Big, Bark Loudly

Sasha and Axle enjoying a walk together! Look how nicely they posed!

If you know someone in the market for some stellar siblings, or an absolutely adorable mom and pup team, please share Sunshine, Ruby, Axle, and Sasha with them! And, check out the Gadsden County Humane Society Facebook to see more adoptable animals.

Find-A-Friend Friday

This week we feature two dogs and a cat from the Bainbridge Humane Society.

First we have this big guy. When I saw Hartman I knew I had to share him with the world. He’s such a handsome boy!

HARTMAN - Adoptable mixed breed male dog in Bainbridge, GA  HARTMAN - Adoptable mixed breed male dog in Bainbridge, GA  HARTMAN - Adoptable mixed breed male dog in Bainbridge, GA

Look at those ears! And that coloration. He’s stunning. The shelter says:

Look at those colors! Hartman is a very good looking guy that was found roaming by a good Samaritan. He is heartworm positive, but with an approved application, funds are available for treatment. Check him out today!

Male Approximate Age – 2 Yrs ID – 24337


Why two dogs? Well, there I was, thinking I’d found my share-able dog. Yet, I couldn’t stop myself from scrolling down the page. And can you guess what caught my eye? A Lana sibling! (Not really, of course, but I can see enough similarities that I feel like I owe it to this stern-looking hunk to share him, too.) So, meet Sonny!

SONNY - Adoptable mixed breed male dog in Bainbridge, GA  SONNY - Adoptable mixed breed male dog in Bainbridge, GA  SONNY - Adoptable mixed breed male dog in Bainbridge, GA

The shelter staff say:

How handsome is this guy?! He was found roaming around in the county looking for a new home. Come meet Sonny today and see if he’s just what your family has been missing! This is a very cute boy, who is very strong, will need owner who can understand his needs.  (This usually translates to: ‘this is not a dog for beginners’, but that certainly doesn’t mean he’s a bad dog!)

Male Approximate Age – 2 yrs ID – 23617


And for this week’s feline friend, I present Robin.

It was incredibly difficult for me to pick a cat to feature. Honestly they all looked so darn cute. (I mean, I’m a dog person, so a cat looks like a cat, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t adorable!) However, between her name and her special need, I just know this is the girl I’m meant to share.

ROBIN - Adoptable female cat in Bainbridge, GA. She is blind, but still deserves a home!  ROBIN - Adoptable female cat in Bainbridge, GA. She is blind, but still deserves a home!

The shelter staff say:

Robin came to us through animal control. She is a very sweet baby, but is blind. She needs an understanding home that will help her adjust to a new wonderful life with a new family.   (I honestly wish I could take this girl myself. Unfortunately I don’t trust that Lana would understand to be gentle with a blind cat. When I’ve spoken to owners of blind pets, they’ve never indicated their disability made life too difficult. This girl deserves a loving home just as much as the other cats in the shelter – please don’t let her blindness deter you!)

Female Approximate Age – 8 month ID – 24339

The Bainbridge-Decatur County Humane Society is located at 1250 Cox Avenue Bainbridge, GA 39819. It’s just a stone throw away from the Florida-Georgia line. The shelter is open Monday – Saturday 11 am – 4 pm. If you’d like to contact them, their phone number is (229) 246-0101, and if you want to go to their website, you can do so by clicking HERE.

Everywhere And Nowhere

Yesterday I sat down and wrote four blog posts. And they all sucked. So I posted nothing. And today I’m not doing much better.

I was hoping after a good workout my brain would be back on track, but it’s not. It is, as the title said, everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Stupid brain.

So instead, I’m just going to inform you our Facebook page (feel free to “like” it if you haven’t) now has a courtesy posts picture album. This album features dogs in need of forever or even sometimes foster homes. Because I am still living in a non-foster friendly situation, none of them are mine at this point.

And… I dunno. It’s pretty hot out now, so here’s some pictures of Desi enjoying snow a couple of winters ago. Just to help you beat the heat. You know, mind over matter and whatnot.




Stay cool, kiddos.

Updates And An Adoptable Pittie

Today, I have a bit I want to do both on the blog and offline.

If you’re interested in my personal life, I have to work out and pay bills and call my pain-in-the-butt doctor. But, if you’re here for dog stuff…

You may be excited to learn I’m re-organizing all of the categories! Or you may not care at all. I think it makes sense, stuff should be easier to find. Yay!


Cash – adoptable dog in NW Florida. You know you want him! (This is not the Pittie.)

Also, it hit me that I never updated you on Lana’s incontinence. I actually didn’t update the vet either. Oops.
Anyway, she finished her antibiotics and was drinking a little bit of apple cider vinegar in her water, but there were still drips. Not puddles, thankfully, but drips. So we increased her ‘dose’ by adding vinegar to her breakfasts as well. The leaking seemed to stop, but she started to have unpleasantly loose stool and stinky doggie gas. So we cut down the vinegar and started just adding it to the water again and her poop is back to normal-ish and I still haven’t noticed a leak in a while. *Knock on wood*
If you ask me, the apple cider vinegar is great to try in lieu of  prescriptions. Worst case scenario, you can blame the smell on the dogs.


And this adoptable boy is Brutus. You’ll read about him in a sec.

See? Just like I promised, this is about Brutus: My mom’s co-worker friend has asked for our help finding a new home or rescue for her son’s Pit. They’re moving and can’t bring him. She says he’s a great dog – very sweet and good to his little Chihuahua sibling. He’s UTD on shots, and while he’s not neutered, she seemed more than happy to throw in a neuter voucher. I’ve asked a few rescue friends, but unfortunately I haven’t gotten any responses.


I called him Brutus, but he also goes by Jesus/Zeus. He needs a new home. =(

If you know of a possible rescue or home for him, please let me know! And remember, sharing is the nicest compliment you can give a blogger/writer! <-I’m totally not linking to myself, for once.

What is it with all the cute puppies this week?

I’ve seen a couple of really (and I mean REALLY) cute dogs from a local shelter this week. As you know, now isn’t really the best time for me to foster (can you tell I’m trying to convince myself as much as you?), so instead I’ll share them here in hope of someone else falling for them as much as I did!

First, we have a Brittany Spaniel mix named Duke.

This is what RESCUE looks like | Dream Big, Bark LoudlyIsn’t he handsome! He’s three years old and heartworm negative!

This is what RESCUE looks like | Dream Big, Bark Loudly

The shelter volunteers/staff say: “Duke is a spry guy who loves to play and gets along well with everyone.” Interested? Hunky Duke is located in Crawfordville, Florida. Contact

He’s super cute, right? But he’s not the only fluffy at that shelter!! Meet Bacca, an 8 month old Spitz mix!

This is what RESCUE looks like | Dream Big, Bark LoudlyIt’s hard to tell, but this sweet baby is just 30 pounds; he’s portable!  😉

This is what RESCUE looks like | Dream Big, Bark LoudlyShelter volunteers say: “Bacca loves to play with other dogs and have his pretty coat fluffed up.” He is also located in Crawfordville, Florida. Contact

And, because I couldn’t resist a post on behalf of one of my favorite local shelters, I have one more pup for you to fawn over. This handsome boy is Amstel.

This is what RESCUE looks like | Dream Big, Bark LoudlyThose ears! They’re so adorable, aren’t they? His smile’s pretty charming, too. Behold!

This is what RESCUE looks like | Dream Big, Bark LoudlyAmstel is from the same shelter are my previous fosters Link and Sierra. I’m convinced they have the best dogs. Volunteers say: “Amstel is a 3 year old male shepherd cross, about 50 pounds. He is a good boy, obedient, good on a leash and knows basic commands. He is also a real lover boy, so very sweet, gentle and friendly with everyone. Choose him for your valentine, he will be faithful and shower you with unconditional love! What else could you ask for?
In Chipley FL shelter, 850-638-2082, 9am-noon CST. Rescues with 501c can free pull and transport help in some parts of FL. Adoption fee $145. Fee includes spay/neuter, deworming, shots and HW test.”

Remember, these dogs are all orphans right now. If you can’t adopt or foster (I feel your pain!) then please consider sharing these babies! They are all located in northern Florida, but transport is available.