Sunny (Sundance)

Sweet Sundance, known as Sunny, was rescued by Aussie and Me Animal Rescue. He was fostered in Tallahassee and moved to Gainesville after being adopted by a wonderful new mom.

Sunny is believed to be a Golden Retriever/Labrador Retriever mix. He is approximately 1 year old. He was timid at first, but warmed up to new people and dogs. He is submissive, polite, and respectful.

Adoptable Retriever Mix in Tallahassee, FLSunny is currently conquering his fear of stairs Sunny has mastered stairs and most, if not all, of his other slightly silly fears.

He is an adept table surfer and very sweet kisser. He spends his free time napping, and loves to hang out on porches or in back yards. He is mostly the quiet type and adores treats of all kinds.Sunny (Golden/Lab Mix)

Like the stereotypical Retriever, Sunny is not only very treat motivated, but lives to please. He loves to play with toys and with his doggie friends. Despite possibly never having a collar around his neck before coming into foster care, Sunny is good on leash, aside from occasionally getting distracted by odd noises. He does occasionally pick up random items left on the floor, so he’s a great motivational tool for anyone who wants to learn to be a little more tidy at home.

He is house trained and is almost positive he belongs on the couch and bed. Sunny will be an amazing family member. If you are looking for a beautiful golden eyed boy who thinks he is a size large lap dog, Sunny might just be your perfect dog. Sundance is in search of his forever family. Won’t you help him find his home by sharing him? Sunny found an amazing forever home! Thank you to everyone who helped by sharing and telling friends and family about him!

Sunny close up Sunny close up

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