Sierra came from the same shelter as Link and headed to the same rescue, so I was once again a temporary “Southern” foster momma. Only, she stayed with me a bit longer than expected!

603_10151283899782790_1956693009_nMiss Sierra recovered from heartworm treatment in my home before she traveled north. She was the only foster who had the honor of meeting my parents and their dog, Desi. In fact, Sierra and Desi kind of remind me of each other!

053She was with us for Halloween (she dressed up as a flower, but unfortunately I don’t have a great picture of it) and for Thanksgiving, too. She fit into our little family like a puzzle piece.

062There is EXACTLY enough room for three on my couch.

IMG_0977Unfortunately, the bed is exactly the right size for two. Just not two humans. Trust me, it’s not a sleepover sized bed.

602821_478879012173472_76968541_nHer new foster mom says Sierra LOVES the snow. I’m always worried my babies will freeze their tails off, so I’m thrilled she’s having such a good time. I am actually shocked Sierra hasn’t found a home, yet. Perhaps I’ll get one of the NY internships I applied for and I’ll just have to adopt her myself. 😉


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