My first foster baby was a portable-sized Spitz mix named Link. Link as in, the hero from the Legend of Zelda franchise. Well, he was originally named Cheech, but I fixed that. 😉

Link - Image by Betsy Sasnett Photography

I became his temporary “Southern” foster mom in January of 2013 until he was able to go to his rescue in Brooklyn, New York.

link and cone

The day he arrived in Tallahassee (from Chipley, FL) I had to rush him straight to the vet. He had recently been neutered and developed an infection. That was my first experience administering medicated cream in -that- area. On the bright side, he looked super cute in his cone!

Link - Image by Betsy Sasnett Photography

Link healed quickly both from his infection and his heartworm treatment. He is a happy boy and friendly to everyone he meets. As you can see, he is also VERY photogenic. I’m a little jealous!

Link, Lana, and Fur-Mom Kayla - Image by Betsy Sasnett Photography

Lana and Link hit it off right away, and come on, their names matched so well! It was difficult to let him go, and to this day I’m convinced I want my next personal dog to look as much like Link as possible.


Link was an absolute joy to foster. Despite the infection scaring me half to death, my experience with him was the start of my fostering journey. He changed my life as much as I changed his. I couldn’t have asked for a better first chance. I’m also so very grateful his fantastic rescue, Badass Brooklyn Foster Dog posts periodic updates!

Link (now Lego) in his forever homeThis picture of Link, now known as Lego (I guess that means I can re-use the name for myself!) was sent to Badass. He lives with a wonderful family, and from what I heard they found and adopted him the DAY he arrived in New York. Talk about a happy ending! I miss him, but he looks positively happy, and I couldn’t be more grateful. He will always have a special place in my heart as my first  <3

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