Brody was my first foster dog through the Florida-based rescue, Aussie and Me. (Just for the record, they’re a fantastic rescue.) He also happened to be my third foster dog since I said I absolutely couldn’t take any more fosters. He made a three time liar out of me, but he was absolutely worth my sullied reputation.

BrodyI mean, look at that picture! How could I have said “no”? Besides, my logic was similar to my logic for taking Precious – I’d always wanted an Aussie. And this sweet boy just made me want more of ’em!

Brody showing off his off leash skillsLook at how awesome he was! He was hiking, off leash, and following right behind me!! Brody was calm, loving, and an absolute joy to foster. He recovered from heartworms and the unpleasant treatment it took to kill them. He came a long way from the matted, dirty dog I first met!

BrodyBrody was transferred to another foster just before being adopted by a lovely looking couple. (Because the people I lived with weren’t liars when they said no more fosters, unfortunately.) Brody boy was an excellent example of a teddy bear dog, a great fit for Lana, and a foster I had to seriously consider not giving up.

Brody and Lana


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