Do you remember Beau the cat? If you don’t, feel free to click here to see his original post.

Beau2Yeah, I know he wasn’t technically a foster, but his story is inspiring anyway. You see, Precious had just left a gaping hole in my heart (barely exaggerating), and I was desperate to find something to put on the blog, terrified it would dissipate into nothingness when I stopped fostering.

In a “free and for sale” group on Facebook, I saw a fellow student trying to find a home for the cat she found and had fostered for months.

beau3I messaged her and asked if I could feature her cat on DBBL (really for my own selfish reasons), and she said yes. So, I composed a post with a few pictures and a description and shared it on my personal Facebook. A good friend and fellow rescue mutt mommy saw it and shared it, saying Beau looked like her friend’s cat Mortymer.

BeauSeveral texts, blog comments, and e-mails later, Beau’s alter ego was confirmed. In less than one day, a foster cat was not only adopted, but returned to his long-lost momma, who missed him dearly for months. I nearly cried that day, and I bet I wasn’t the only one.

THAT is why this blog means so much to me. Beau/Mortymer is proof this blog helped at least one person, and that makes it worth every minute I have invested. So no, he was not my foster, but he was as much a success story as any of the others.

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