Spring has sprung!

Happy Spring, everyone! Are you enjoying the trees budding with fresh green leaves? The rainbow of flowers just starting to blossom? How about the natural soundtrack of song birds and kids outside playing? I AM! I live for cold weather, but change in general is magical to me.

Obligatory picture of flowers

See how excited I am? FLOWERS! THOSE ARE NEW!!!

Hopefully your Spring is starting off a little smoother than mine. I’ve recently come down with Pneumonia. Yes. Literal Pneumonia, which is a first for me, since I’m younger than 80 and live in 2016. And I’ve recently learned that this body is allergic to at least one thing. As sassy as this vessel is, my poison is of course antibiotics, specifically Levofloxacin. Uncool.

Despite going back to work the morning I was diagnosed with the big P, I did opt to stay home for the combination of the infection and my first ever allergic reaction. What a slacker, I know.

Aside from my health (or lack there-of) so much has changed since our last post! Old Man cat (Ojii-chan was his official name in our home) was returned to his rightful family just before Christmas. This was sad for me, as I was admittedly excited about keeping him, but it was definitely the right thing to do. If I found someone’s kid, it would be very wrong to keep them; same goes for a pet. (Not that I want someone else’s human spawn anyway.)

I also changed careers, which was a long time coming but also felt like it was never actually going to happen. This may come as a big shocker to absolutely nobody, but I am thrilled to announce I work for my local animal shelter!! FINALLY!

I am beyond excited to experience animal rescue from yet another new point of view and so far it is already enlightening. I expect this will change Dream Big, Bark Loudly a little bit, but not fundamentally. I still advocate spay and neuter and training, and now I’ll be a little louder about the importance of microchipping, too. Not to mention, since I’m back down to only one job, hopefully I’ll be better about actually writing here. All work and no play sounds great until it doesn’t, which is pretty much immediately.

As per usual, my aim is to be down to earth, welcoming of any audience, and so optimistic it verges on naive. So if you ever find yourself burning with questions about the inner workings of animal shelters, animal laws, or the sad life of a twenty-something lady nerd, seek me out. I’ll be real with you.

Home Is Where Your Dog Vomits On The Carpet. (And Laminate.)

As you may have read on our Facebook page, we’ve moved!

Moving was something I had been looking forward to for such a long time. It was stressful, but hopefully it will be worth it. We originally wanted a house, and even picked one out to rent, but decided it was just too far from work. So, we settled on a cute 2 bedroom apartment about 10-15 minutes from work. It’s a little sad to trade in our views of downtown and the FSU Law School (not to mention the ability to walk to work).

The "bustling metropolis" known as Tallahassee.

The “bustling metropolis” known as Tallahassee. And the view from our old living room.

But I must say, our new location is pretty nice too! We could walk to Publix, Panera, Big Lots, Target, etc. If Florida wasn’t so darn hot and nasty. Even more importantly, we’re surrounded by trees and there’s a cute little creek the flows just behind our building. You can hear the water trickling from our balcony. It reminds me of summers at my grandparents’ old cabin in Tennessee. Just add some comfort food and I can almost pretend I’m a kid again.

Seriously, what's not to love about this view?!

Seriously, what’s not to love about this view?!

I'm thinking it would be perfect to hang a bird feeder from one of the branches outside of the den window.

I’m thinking it would be perfect to hang a bird feeder from one of the branches outside of the den window.

Though, to be fair all those beautiful trees means spiders like nobody’s business. There was one living outside of our front door that we affectionately named “Frankie”. And despite his status as an almost pet we avoided him like the plague, because if it has more than 4 legs and less than 2, I’m out. No spiders, no snakes, no kidding. But, it’s a dog eat dog world, and a bigger spider killed Frankie and stole his web. This weekend we plan to take the little jerk down. FOR FRANKIE!!


Our happy little creek.

This is our first “adult” apartment, not surrounded by college students. That we know of, at least. So, we moved like adults. All by ourselves. I do not recommend it. I highly recommend movers. But, nobody asked me.

To the bf's credit, he did carry more of the heavy stuff. As he should have.

To the bf’s credit, he did carry more of the heavy stuff. As he should have.

So anyway, we moved into this beautiful, fresh, clean apartment almost twice the size of our old one.

This level of clean never lasts.

This level of clean never lasts.

Any guesses how long it took to lose its ‘clean’ status? Less than a week. Less than a week in, Lana has had diarrhea in the apartment at least 5 times and vomited at least 4. Of course I’m worried for miss Lana (who probably ate something NOT EDIBLE at the bark park). We’re keeping a careful eye on her, feeding her chicken and rice, and taking her potty every couple of hours. But really, Universe? Less than a week after we move? TOO SOON!

But, since we had the joy of taking Lana out every two hours last night, we discovered racoons forage in the dumpster right by our building at night, and that we have several very vocal owls who like to converse amongst themselves in the wee hours of the morning. Much cooler than the mean mocking bird who lived by our old apartment.

We don't have a guard dog. We have a watching dog.

We don’t have a guard dog. We have a watching dog.

In all, when it doesn’t smell like doggie accidents, our new place is a good fit for us. Lana’s thrilled to have more running around room and so many windows to watch.

As I promised, the next post will be a compilation of tips to make moving easier for pets and pet owners!