Sunny’s Progress (And A Foster Plea)

Sunny has come a long way since he joined our little pack. Just a couple of small issues to fix and he’ll be ready for his forever home! Unfortunately, terrible lighting in my new apartment means I don’t have very many good pictures of my handsome boy, but I assure you, a photo shoot is on the to-do list.

Adoptable Golden mix, Sunny

Adoptable Golden mix, Sunny, is ready for a forever home! Through Aussie And Me Animal Rescue.

Sundance has learned a few ‘tricks’ while he’s been here. More importantly, he has learned how to be a good indoor dog. Thankfully, he came to us potty trained. Now he noses his leash when he needs to go outside, walks very nicely on leash, and knows bed time means going into his crate (which also means a treat!).

Adoptable Golden mix, Sunny

Sunny knows his crate is where he can go to rest and stay warm in these “harsh” Florida winters.

Sunny, like Lana, now sits for his food without having to be asked. He comes when called and is learning to shake ‘hands’. I am also happy to report that he lets me brush his teeth!

Adoptable Golden mix, Sunny

Sunny is a joy to foster. Easily one of my easiest fosters to date.

Sunny is mild mannered, super sweet, and between his love of food and love of his people, he is incredibly easy to train. Though I’ve never owned a Golden Retriever before, his attitude is exactly as I imagined their trademark easy-going demeanor. He would make an excellent companion for a first time owner or a low energy household. Just give him some toys and he’ll entertain himself!

Adoptable Retriever, Sunny, is tired of waiting for a forever home

Sunny is tired of waiting for his forever home! Won’t you share him so he can find his family?

So he’s pretty much perfect, right? Basically! All he needs before he can be adopted is to be neutered (already scheduled for this Tuesday) and to be de-wormed again. Easy enough!

Adoptable Retriever, Sunny is easy going and so sweet.

When he isn’t playing or begging to be petted, he is usually found napping.

So maybe you’re thinking “I should adopt this dog“. Yes! Go for it! Just fill out an adoption application on the Aussie and Me website and tell them Sundance sounds like a long lost member of your family! Or, maybe you’re thinking “Geez, what a cool dog! I can’t adopt a dog right now, but I sure wish I could temporarily have a dog like this one”. Oh boy, do I have good news for you! Sunny’s former housemate, Joe, needs a new place to go! He’s currently in a wonderful foster home, but he needs something a little… different. Both Sunny and Joe were beat up on by other dogs in their old home. Sunny and Lana get along well, but Joe is afraid of his large foster sibling. He needs a foster home with a calm, smaller dog or no dog at all. I’ve never met him, but am told he also acts like your typical Golden.

Joe, an adoptable Golden mix needs a calm foster home and some TLC

Joe must find a new foster home where he can feel safe and loved. Please share to help him find a new foster home!

Isn’t he gorgeous?! If you’re interested in helping this handsome boy blossom into his true self, please contact me or send a message to Aussie and Me either via e-mail or Facebook. He is currently in Jacksonville but I imagine he could travel a little for a good home.

What can you do to help animals? A lot, actually!

Saving Animals And Saving Money (Or, Why I Love My HSUS Credit Card)

Remember how I posted a while ago about a merger between Discover and The Humane Society of the United States? In case you don’t recall, Discover worked out a deal with the HSUS. Discover created a super cute specially designed credit card and they donate a little bit of money to the HSUS every time it’s used. Not to mention, the card holder gets the same awesome benefits they would with any other Discover card. I also said I was planning on getting the card myself and, well, I wanted to give everyone an update!


I actually did apply for a new Discover card a while ago. (Not sure what kind I had before, but now I have the IT card, the one all those commercials are for.) When I switched cards, it not only gave me better benefits (more cash back!), but also allowed me to wield the super stylish HSUS card.

HSUS Discover Card

“Mom, stop using me as a background!”  <- This link will give you more information and an opportunity to sign up for one, yourself!

While the amount given to the charity seems small (about .2 percent of your purchases), imagine how quickly that can add up! I double checked with the representative I worked with and I get exactly the same benefits. If even a hundred people switched to the HSUS card, imagine how much money could help the animals!

It’s such an easy switch! I rack up cash back that I use directly on and I can obsessively check my FICO credit score every month for free. Besides, I love a cute dog (and cat) so the design on the card is a plus. I know that’s a stupid reason, but who cares? I’m still helping charity!

HSUS Discover Card

You might be surprised how often the answer to “You do take Discover, right?” is “Of course!”.

If you’re interested in getting a Discover card for yourself and feel so inclined to use me as a referral (I’d get a nice little bonus), keep an eye on our Facebook page. I’ll post a link there.

That One Time I Was A Lobbyist

Today, I tried my hand at political action. After work, I made my way downtown to join The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and my local politicians to discuss a few proposed bills. I had never been to a ‘lobby day’ before and had no idea what to expect. But, I figured some of you might be in the same boat, so of course I was dying to share my experience.

What It's Like To Meet With Your Politician About Animal Rights

I was given a little booklet. I’ll probably read it later.

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Find-A-Friend Friday

If you’ve been following our Facebook page (which you really should be doing!), then you probably saw our post about SPCA Suncoast. For those who don’t know, SPCA Suncoast is a shelter close to home. I actually attended one of their events for one of my old employers (Camp K9 in Trinity, Florida). But, they are also a shelter struggling for money.

Yes, all shelters and rescues are struggling for money. But this one is on the verge of having to close their doors. There already aren’t that many shelters in the area. Some of those that are nearby have suffered from freak accidents (a tornado hit one pretty hard), parvo outbreaks, and really bad press. Like, really bad. A certain unnamed shelter is working on completely changing who is in charge. Which really, that same unnamed shelter should have gladly accepted me as a volunteer when I offered, but that’s their loss.

Anyway, I’m trying to do my part by choosing animals from SPCA Suncoast for this week’s Find-A-Friend Friday. Which, unfortunately is a little bit difficult. Mostly because their Facebook, website, and Petango account are not all on the same page. (I’m assuming they’re a little focused on finances right now rather than social media – fair enough I suppose.) Therefore, I’m not actually positive which animals are up for adoption and which were up for adoption. For this, I apologize. Please consider that your warning. There are animals in need of homes at this shelter. Maybe this dog and this cat! (But, any other week a dog or cat I feature could theoretically get adopted 3 seconds after I click “publish post”; it’s not so very different, right?)

This week’s dog is known as Lip. He is a beautiful, young (about 1 year old) Red Heeler. His ID number is 22114851.

Find-A-Friend Friday | Dream Big, Bark Loudly

The cat of the week is Crybaby. Her ID number is: 22136761. She is spayed and not declawed.They estimate that she is less than 6 months old.

Find-A-Friend Friday | Dream Big, Bark LoudlyIf you would like to support the SPCA Suncoast from far away,they have a donation link here. They will also have a truck where Tampa/Odessa/Lutz/New Port Richey locals can drop off donations. For more information, the Facebook event is here.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your upcoming weekend!

We Want It Wednesday: An Animal-Friendly Credit Card

When I was in college, I got my first credit card. I went with the recommendation of a co-worker and signed up for the Discover student card. (I actually still need to change over to the non-student version, since I graduated.)

It was a fantastic decision. I love love love my credit card and highly recommend it to all my friends. I’m only slightly motivated by the promise of my friend and I getting bonus cash when I refer them.  😉

Anywho, there are about a billion options for card designs. I choose a couple of Golden Retrievers. I am asked all the time if they are my dogs. It takes all my self control to not say “You kidding? My girl is wayyyy cuter!”  Except those Goldens are darn adorable.

ImageSo why do I want a new credit card? Because while poking around on Facebook today I saw a post from the Humane Society of the US. Apparently, they’ve teamed up with Discover to offer a credit card that donates to the HSUS with every purchase!


Picture borrowed from: HSUS Facebook page

After I make the switch to the grown up card, and double check to make sure I’ll still get the same benefits with the new card, I intend to add it to my wallet. Best news? Discover is very cool about letting me have multiple cards. So, if for some reason I don’t want to use the HSUS card, I can use my Golden card!

More examples of cute Discover cards (all pictures, unless otherwise specified, borrowed lovingly from

Image    Image

Image     Image

So I’m sure you’re asking yourself if I’m getting paid for this little “advertisement”. The answer is: NO! Discover and the Humane Society don’t even know who I am! I just really like my credit card. And I like lazy ways of helping charities. Because I am both lazy and charitable. If you’ll notice, I didn’t even put in a referral code. See? I’m such a great friend, aren’t I? I’m doing this to help you!

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Y’all. I was almost that person yesterday. You know, that one animal rescue person who drives everyone bonkers. Because someone said their dog was not neutered. Because he’s “good looking” and they might want to breed him.


Lana’s pretty much a Victoria’s Secret model, and I don’t think that’s a reason to breed her. (I honestly couldn’t picture my baby being a mom anyway.) Picture borrowed lovingly from unsaidyetunderstood

Many rescue advocates would chastise me for not speaking up. And then again for not saying something to another girl who talked about always purchasing her dogs. But in reality, what I did was more subtle. I tried some positive tactics.

I didn’t say “do you know how many dogs die in shelters every day?!”, I didn’t even say “your dog is way more likely to get prostate cancer if he’s still got his junk”. Instead, I said, “one of the best things I ever did was foster dogs”. I didn’t emphasize the lives saved. I talked about what’s great about fostering. Because I believe experiencing something like animal rescue is far more powerful than hearing about it. Because me nagging them about something that I’m sure a dozen other people have already beaten me to won’t do much. And while they know the point of fostering is to save lives, once they actually get involved and see first hand what it’s like, I think it’ll be more likely to click with them.


People need to see an adorable dog in a cone trying (but unable) to pick up toys in their own living room. And then their heart melts. And then buying a dog is not an option.

October is national adopt a shelter dog month. It’s the best month of the year. Halloween and the start of cool weather may play some small role in my favoritism towards it. So what have I done to promote adoption?

I saw someone online who was looking for a Beagle puppy and spread the word. Then a woman got in touch with me about a puppy in a rescue and I passed the information on to a very interested potential adopter.

I encouraged a coworker to foster in the near future (in hopes that experiencing rescue could change the way she thinks of getting dogs).

That’s it? Just two things? I’d like for that list to be longer. So here’s what I’ll do…

I will share at least one adoptable dog per day on my Facebook and/or my Pinterest to publicize them.

I will share the stories of my fosters on Twitter with a hashtag related to adoption to promote awareness of how flipping awesome and adorable rescued dogs can be.  (Please feel free to join me by tweeting your own thoughts on adopt a shelter dog month! I’d love to see our hashtags trending. I’ve used #adopt and #lovedogs.)


Like this awesome and adorable dog. What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a lady bug puppy?

But let me ask you: what suggestions do you have for promoting adopt a shelter dog month? (Yes, I am waiting until the end of the month. Why? Because in addition to writing 50k words, I want to drag on adopt a shelter dog month into November. I’ve never liked deadlines, and neither do the dogs who get stuck in shelters the day after Halloween.)