We Want It Wednesday – A Doggie Calendar

Good evening!

I wanted to share an awesome gift idea with those of you who don’t follow us on Facebook. In fact, I bought one for myself just yesterday!

It’s a lovely calendar filled with pictures of big, fluffy rescue dogs. The proceeds go to Big Fluffy Dog Rescue. They promise their signature snark (if you don’t know what I mean, then you really ought to follow them online) and even some very unusual holidays.

BFD CalendarThe picture above is from their official Facebook page. They also provide the following links:
To see the whole calendar: http://virtualfluffies.com/2014/11/03/bfdr-2015-calendar/

Order your calendar here: http://fs18.formsite.com/bigfluffydogs/form21/index.html

There are only a limited number available. Be sure to grab yours. And remember, no Christmas is complete without giving a loved one a calendar!

A Few Of Lana’s Favorite Things

Lana loves lots of things. Ice. Creeping on Watching the world through the window. Swimming. Though only in dirty water. Treats. The world’s most adorable Corgi, who lives in our building. Empty bottles. Anything I leave laying on the ground. But there are two things she cannot get enough of lately, two very special dog toys…

Lana's Favorite ToysHer “4 legged octopus” toy, and her Mickey Mouse blankey. The toy my dad picked out for her from Target. It squeaks like nobody’s business and has held its own against her murderous chewing. Even better, it’s just 6 bucks! (Plus Target’s got a deal going right now – if you spend $40 on pet food, treats, and/or litter you can save $10 with the code “PETS5”.)

The Mickey blanket was my free gift for joining the Disney Movie Club. It’s so very soft and she adores it. She uses it predominantly as a pillow. If you search retailmenot.com, you’ll find options for the free blanket, a free tote, a free thermos, etc. I chose the blanket because Miss Lana needed a new blanket, but you could always use a tote to carry your dog supplies, too. Or the thermos to carry coffee, allowing you to keep up with your pack.  Or however you want to justify it. We won’t judge. 😉

Lana's Favorite Dog ToysAfter a 9.5 hour work day, not much makes me happier than seeing my little one with her favorite (cheap) things. How does your dog make your day without even trying?

We Want It Wednesday: An Animal-Friendly Credit Card

When I was in college, I got my first credit card. I went with the recommendation of a co-worker and signed up for the Discover student card. (I actually still need to change over to the non-student version, since I graduated.)

It was a fantastic decision. I love love love my credit card and highly recommend it to all my friends. I’m only slightly motivated by the promise of my friend and I getting bonus cash when I refer them.  😉

Anywho, there are about a billion options for card designs. I choose a couple of Golden Retrievers. I am asked all the time if they are my dogs. It takes all my self control to not say “You kidding? My girl is wayyyy cuter!”  Except those Goldens are darn adorable.

ImageSo why do I want a new credit card? Because while poking around on Facebook today I saw a post from the Humane Society of the US. Apparently, they’ve teamed up with Discover to offer a credit card that donates to the HSUS with every purchase!


Picture borrowed from: HSUS Facebook page

After I make the switch to the grown up card, and double check to make sure I’ll still get the same benefits with the new card, I intend to add it to my wallet. Best news? Discover is very cool about letting me have multiple cards. So, if for some reason I don’t want to use the HSUS card, I can use my Golden card!

More examples of cute Discover cards (all pictures, unless otherwise specified, borrowed lovingly from Discover.com):

Image    Image

Image     Image

So I’m sure you’re asking yourself if I’m getting paid for this little “advertisement”. The answer is: NO! Discover and the Humane Society don’t even know who I am! I just really like my credit card. And I like lazy ways of helping charities. Because I am both lazy and charitable. If you’ll notice, I didn’t even put in a referral code. See? I’m such a great friend, aren’t I? I’m doing this to help you!

We Want It Wednesday: Pet Health Insurance

ImageI spent this morning sitting in front of my computer listening to one of the most relaxing sounds in the world. Whenever the erratic clicking of the keyboard stopped, I got to hear Miss Lana’s soft, steady breathing. Not an ugly, loud snore. Just a sweet little feminine cadence of breaths.

And boy was I grateful for that calming white noise, because I was in the middle of shopping for pet insurance. I’ve never bought insurance in my life! How fun it is to be an adult.

My insurance wants and needs were as follows:
-A reputable company
-A low monthly cost, with the option to increase coverage once I get some sort of paying job
-Coverage for the things that seem more likely to affect Lana (like accidents)

What did I find? High monthly payments or absolutely terrifying Yep reviews.

ImageMy lovely mother helped me locate a company recommended to my father (sort of) by his employer. Pets Best Insurance. Their website looked great, their policies wonderful, and their rate just peachy. I Googled them, just to make sure. One star reviews ran rampant on Yelp. Not to mention, far from helpful company responses. It was enough to scare the heck out of me. So I kept searching the internet, hoping for a second source. Their Facebook seemed to elicit pretty positive reviews from customers. I’d hardly trust their social media, but come to think of it, the Yelp reviews (most of them, at least) were pretty old. Maybe a new company had taken over and fixed things? I knew that Pets Best is offered through Progressive, but I didn’t know how long it had been that way.

Never one to like ill informed decisions, I browsed http://www.petinsurancereview.com/ – a third party website where pet owners can leave reviews of their insurance company. The reviews of Pets Best on that site were largely positive, and far more recent than the majority of the Yelp reviews.

ImageHonestly, I was a bit overwhelmed with this experience. Not because there were no options or opinions, but because there were so many. Which is a great problem to have! While I did actually research many companies, I ended up going with the super cheap Pets Best for Lana. I’m positive one day I’ll switch her policy, if not the company, but for now I think the accident only coverage fits my needs best. (Knock on wood!!!)

Unless they change the rates on me, it looks like I’ll be paying just under nine dollars a month for her insurance. (Hello, same price as Netflix.) It’ll cover things like animal/snake/insect bites, getting hit by a car, foreign body ingestion, poisoning, etc. I considered adding the routine care coverage because it helped pay for heartworm prevention, but for me the benefits weren’t worth the added premium. There is a two dollar transaction fee, which of course bothers me, but at least you get the option to pay quarterly, yearly, etc. to limit the number of times you pay that fee.

ImageNow to get back to important things – like napping

I will certainly keep everyone up to date on my honest experiences with Pets Best. Hopefully any of you considering pet health insurance will find the right company for you.

We Want… Pop Doggie!

I ran across something awesome on tumblr yesterday, just in time for ‘We Want It Wednesday’! Seriously. Are you prepared for this?


Isn’t that precious?

But I’m sure I know what you’re thinking. Yeah, Newfies are nice, but I prefer ______. Fear not, my friends! They’ve got you covered.


Yeah, I’ve already picked out some I want. And a couple to buy one of my besties. WHO JUST HAD A BIRTHDAY SO NOW I HAVE TO WAIT! Boo.

ImageSooooo cute! But only two more and I’ll leave you to enjoy the rest of your hump day.

ImageThey have less common breeds, too! And I know there are a TON of Pit Bull fans out here on the internet. There are a bunch of Pittie choices, too.

ImageDo you adore these magnets and canvas prints as much as I do? Then head on over to http://popdoggie.com/ and order some, today!

We Want That! (Wednesday)

What do we want this week? Motivation!

I recently sat down and looked at my summer to-do list. RSVP to this, buy gifts for that, send back the textbook I rented, sell the ones I bought, dye my hair cotton candy pink (oh Hell yes!), and get my scuba certification. Too bad those last two will cost a pretty penny. And the scuba thing isn’t purely for fun, I actually need it to apply for the next Disney internship I’m working towards. I haven’t even started the College Program yet and I’m already planning the next one.

Oh and finding a cell phone plan that lets me get affordable internet (does that even exist?!), updating the blog, packing to move in just over 2 weeks, securing my summer volunteer positions….

And keeping Brody in my thoughts as he goes through his heartworm treatment.

So what else do we want? A break! Not from work, because I need the money. How convenient, because I’m getting more hours than I planned…


So my sanity break consisted of testing a new treat on Lana. I bought the Nylabone puppy pack which included one toy and one treat. They looked the same, and a bachelor’s degree in English does NOT mean I actually read things. I had assumed first of all that they were for dogs of all ages, and secondly that they were both treats and I could therefore give one to Brody. Boy did I get a nasty surprise when I bit into the first one.


Yes, you read that correctly. I don’t believe when they say toys/treats are “flavored” like things. They almost never taste anything like it, but I think companies believe nobody’s stupid enough to try it and call them out on it. I love proving people wrong.


Okay, the chicken one tasted like nothing. And the bacon one didn’t taste like bacon but at least it tasted like something. I wasn’t surprised that was the one Lana chose. Apparently that was also the edible one. She ate like two thirds of it in a minute. But, it’s not like she sticks her nose up at the ones that are made for chewing rather than eating. She just goes for food first. She takes after me.


This dog does not understand the concept of savoring. Then again, does any dog?


While the treat may have gone a little too fast, this is probably the fifth chew toy I’ve gotten for Lana from the Nylabone company and I’m always impressed. They last such a long time, they come in a variety of sizes and flavors, and they help clean dogs’ teeth! Not to mention I’m pretty sure the company is good to the environment and whatnot. Yay!

Anyway, it’s well worth the money! If you are looking for something for your heavy chewer, go see if Nylabone has something for you!