A Few Of Lana’s Favorite Things

Lana loves lots of things. Ice. Creeping on Watching the world through the window. Swimming. Though only in dirty water. Treats. The world’s most adorable Corgi, who lives in our building. Empty bottles. Anything I leave laying on the ground. But there are two things she cannot get enough of lately, two very special dog toys…

Lana's Favorite ToysHer “4 legged octopus” toy, and her Mickey Mouse blankey. The toy my dad picked out for her from Target. It squeaks like nobody’s business and has held its own against her murderous chewing. Even better, it’s just 6 bucks! (Plus Target’s got a deal going right now – if you spend $40 on pet food, treats, and/or litter you can save $10 with the code “PETS5”.)

The Mickey blanket was my free gift for joining the Disney Movie Club. It’s so very soft and she adores it. She uses it predominantly as a pillow. If you search retailmenot.com, you’ll find options for the free blanket, a free tote, a free thermos, etc. I chose the blanket because Miss Lana needed a new blanket, but you could always use a tote to carry your dog supplies, too. Or the thermos to carry coffee, allowing you to keep up with your pack.  Or however you want to justify it. We won’t judge. 😉

Lana's Favorite Dog ToysAfter a 9.5 hour work day, not much makes me happier than seeing my little one with her favorite (cheap) things. How does your dog make your day without even trying?

A Retirement Home For Dogs?

My first reaction to a Japanese pet company opening the world’s first pet retirement home (see article here) was confusion. I imagined that most people willing to support their old dog financially would also be willing to take care of it physically. But, now that I’ve had a couple of days to mull it over, I’m pretty bummed I didn’t think of the idea first. And pretty sad I don’t live in Japan.

Desi Senior Dog Mutt

Of course there are people who work all day, maybe even juggle multiple jobs or have to travel for work. Of course there are dogs with crazy medical needs the average owner feels incapable of meeting. So no, this idea may not save the old dogs who are dumped at the pound when their age becomes an ‘inconvenience’. But it may still be the best option for many loving families. At least those willing to shell out a pretty penny. It looks like the average cost is expected to be about $1,000 per month for the fancy new facility.

Like a nursing home for humans, visitors are welcome to come spend time with their beloved old friends as often as they want. Evidently, dogs in the senior care center have access to a special doggie gym, a pool, and of course round-the-clock veterinary care.

Dogs Window MuttsBut it turns out, this isn’t actually the first retirement home for dogs, as the original article led me to believe. Another retirement home in Japan opened back in 2007. The original also has access to veterinarians all day long and someone to give the dogs a little bit of exercise and love. Additionally, I’m ecstatic to see that they utilize “puppy therapy” with the elderly dogs. They bring young rescue dogs to act as therapy dogs to the seniors! I love everything about this! I’d probably even sponsor an elderly stray if only I had the money to do so.

While I’d feel guilty leaving my senior pooch in her golden years, it must also be somewhat comforting to leave your dog in the hands of professionals who have all day long to monitor health and love on them. I want my girl to know I’m there for her no matter what. But after seeing how much Desi desired constant company when she was close to the end, I image any person who has the time to pet and cuddle is good for them. Even better that the owner can still come visit daily.

Desi Senior Dog MuttIn fact, I think I’d love to work in one of these retirement homes. Wouldn’t every dog lover? But I am curious: Would you ever leave your elderly pet in a retirement home? Would you sponsor a homeless senior so they could enjoy the last chapter of their life?

A Dog Themed “Social Sunday”

I’ve spent weeks drilling my boyfriend, my mother, and anyone else who will cooperate, trying to make Dream Big more enjoyable. The feedback I got isn’t all that surprising. Basically, they’ve reminded me that this is a blog, not a novel. And while there are some topics than need lots of words, I should occasionally give myself and my readers a break by shutting up once in a while. 😉  Of course it was said nicer than that.

So, as my way of sharing without as many words, I’ve decided to participate in “The Sunday Social with Neely and Ashley”. However, since this is an animal blog, I’ll try to keep in theme. In fact, my twist is these answers will only include animal themed Pins. I mean, Pinterest is like my second home and I have actual favorites, but dogs is what you’re here for, right?

This Weeks Questions:

1. What is your favorite outfit pin?

A Dog Themed Social SundaySo stinking cute! Continue reading

10 Reasons I Chose A Mutt Over A Purebred Dog

When I found Lana online, I made an appointment to meet her, and the next day to meet a purebred Border Collie from the same rescue. I had already started to picture my life with Ferris, the Collie. I was sure he would be the one for me. But, obviously I chose Lana. There are plenty of dog breeds I adore. But to me, nothing beats a good old fashioned mutt. And I can give you ten reasons why.

"10 Reasons I Chose A Mutt Over A Purebred" -A humorous, not preachy look at why one dog blogger chose her mixed breedMutts live longer. Continue reading

Lana’s Big Day

Today is the third anniversary of Lana’s Adoption Day! The time has flown by since we first got her from Florida All Retriever Rescue. So what better way to celebrate than with food, gifts, and of course plenty of pictures?

Lana celebrates her Adoption Day Anniversary | DreamBigBarkLoudly.comI’ll admit, the pictures might have turned out a tad bit better if the sun had chosen to come our and celebrate with us, but nothing to be done about that!

Lana celebrates her Adoption Day Anniversary | DreamBigBarkLoudly.comSince we count her adoption day as her birthday (because we have no idea what her birthday actually was), I guess that means Lana’s 21 in human years?

Lana celebrates her Adoption Day Anniversary | DreamBigBarkLoudly.com

Lana celebrates her Adoption Day Anniversary | DreamBigBarkLoudly.comDesi looked like she wanted some attention too (so of course she got some). She’s a good sport. And, I suppose, how could she know it wasn’t her day? We always try to celebrate with both dogs equally.

Lana celebrates her Adoption Day Anniversary | DreamBigBarkLoudly.comShe enjoyed the balloons a lot more than I expected her to. Almost as much as I enjoyed wandering around Party City acting like I was throwing a little girl’s birthday party. I was just praying nobody actually asked about my ‘daughter’.

Lana celebrates her Adoption Day Anniversary | DreamBigBarkLoudly.comNo worries, I stopped her before the balloon popped. I’d hate to give the old girl a heart attack.Though I probably didn’t do her much of a favor by giving her a delicious (but not super healthful) Pupcake.

Lana celebrates her Adoption Day Anniversary | DreamBigBarkLoudly.comThis recipe, adapted from a Pretty Little Pastimes recipe for peanut butter carrot Pupcakes, turned out fantastic! And by “adapted”, I mean I didn’t have one of the ingredients so I did change the recipe a little, but this time I’m happy with the changes I made. I did a taste test, intended to be a small bite, and ended up eating a quarter of one! It’s no wonder the dogs loved it too.

Lana celebrates her Adoption Day Anniversary | DreamBigBarkLoudly.comI’ll post my variation of the recipe later this week. Of course, in the mean time you can always go check out the original on Pretty Little Pastimes. And, if you still need something to do, you can check out our “Dog Stuff” Pinterest board where we have this recipe and others Pinned!

ImageLana got a couple of toys for her birthday, but we’re waiting until my parents get home from work to ‘open gifts’ (which aren’t really wrapped because I am no good at wrapping).

Happy Hump Day readers, and Happy Adoption Day to Miss Lana! I’ve loved the last three years with her and I know we’ll enjoy the next years just as much.

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We Want It Wednesday: An Animal-Friendly Credit Card

When I was in college, I got my first credit card. I went with the recommendation of a co-worker and signed up for the Discover student card. (I actually still need to change over to the non-student version, since I graduated.)

It was a fantastic decision. I love love love my credit card and highly recommend it to all my friends. I’m only slightly motivated by the promise of my friend and I getting bonus cash when I refer them.  😉

Anywho, there are about a billion options for card designs. I choose a couple of Golden Retrievers. I am asked all the time if they are my dogs. It takes all my self control to not say “You kidding? My girl is wayyyy cuter!”  Except those Goldens are darn adorable.

ImageSo why do I want a new credit card? Because while poking around on Facebook today I saw a post from the Humane Society of the US. Apparently, they’ve teamed up with Discover to offer a credit card that donates to the HSUS with every purchase!


Picture borrowed from: HSUS Facebook page

After I make the switch to the grown up card, and double check to make sure I’ll still get the same benefits with the new card, I intend to add it to my wallet. Best news? Discover is very cool about letting me have multiple cards. So, if for some reason I don’t want to use the HSUS card, I can use my Golden card!

More examples of cute Discover cards (all pictures, unless otherwise specified, borrowed lovingly from Discover.com):

Image    Image

Image     Image

So I’m sure you’re asking yourself if I’m getting paid for this little “advertisement”. The answer is: NO! Discover and the Humane Society don’t even know who I am! I just really like my credit card. And I like lazy ways of helping charities. Because I am both lazy and charitable. If you’ll notice, I didn’t even put in a referral code. See? I’m such a great friend, aren’t I? I’m doing this to help you!