Beach Bums

Have you ever followed people on Instagram who post beautiful photos of their dogs in lush forests or on towering mountains? No, I’m not self-promoting. My Florida dog has never seen a mountain. And if we want to avoid death by mosquito, we steer clear of forests, too. Which is really a shame. However, we do follow some of these lovely dogs online, and get major wanderlust. Thanks a lot, guys!

Brady (former foster dog) and Lana (personal dog) go hikingSee how deep that ‘forest’ is? It’s just a swamp lined with trees. Still pretty but not the same. I am getting major vacation blues. The cure?

Loki and Lana playingCute pictures of dogs on the beach, of course! Specifically, our (mini) photo session from Gulf Shores, Alabama!

Lana at the beachLana and Loki pose for a photoLoki's beach portraitLoki's beach photo seshLoki's close upHappy weekend, everyone!

“What’s a Loki?”

My parents spent a good amount of time after their beloved Terrier mix, Desi, passed before they were ready for another dog.

Desi, our beautiful girl

Forgive the blur, I didn’t do much serious photography until after this beauty died.

When the time came, they kept a keen eye on the local animal shelters’ websites. A few dogs caught their attention at the Escambia County Animal Shelter, so they drove over to the small facility to meet them.

They left with a large, white “Lab/Anatolian mix” named Alvin. Long story short, the vet thinks Pyrenees mix (yasssss!) and his new name? Loki.

Loki, AKA my new brother

Loki, AKA my new little brother

I assure you, I know darn well who Loki is, but if I’ve learned anything because of this dog, it’s that more people need to watch The Avengers. Not Thor. I am not recommending Thor.

Loki in the sandLoki, despite being a frost giant, has voiced no complaints about living near the beach. In fact, he was able to slow down enough for a quick photo session. I am very excited to share those in the near future.

Loki and Lana on the beachStay tuned for updates on Loki, fun doggie photo sessions (also on our Instagram), and more!


Happy Fathers’ Day!

Hello, readers! I wanted to wish a quick ‘Happy Fathers’ Day’ to all the dads out there.

First, to my wonderful dad. He works hard and is an amazing parent (along with my mother, of course). He raised my sister and I with animals. I love the example he set for us – work hard and have fun. He is more than a little responsible for my great taste in television.

Dad and me sleeping

He may have also passed along the ability to sleep anywhere, any time, as needed.

He can build anything and I know I can always turn to him when something breaks or my car has an issue.

Dad sledding

Dad demonstrating how to use the cargo liner of our SUV as a sled.

Dad also spoils Miss Lana. Mugen will grow on him sooner or later. (Not a cat person in theory, but really, I think his ‘animal person’ nature will override that.)


Dad’s great with birds. But he’s a llama-whisperer. Seriously. It’s odd.

My father is the best example of a great man, wonderful husband, and awesome father. I could not have asked for a better upbringing. Short of being a princess. I love you, Dad!


Lana and I love you! <3

Also happy dad’s day to my grandfathers, I love y’all too. There are so many reasons my parents are so great, and a lot of them can be linked back to you gentlemen.

To all the fur dads out there: happy fathers’ day. You cart animals around, walk them, feed them, play with them, clean up after them, and most importantly, you love them unconditionally. For that, you are great men.


Happy Mother’s Day!

I would like to wish a very Happy Mother’s Day to every mom out there. If you consider yourself a mom, that’s what matters. Biological moms, adoptive moms, foster moms, legal guardians, furmoms, etc. You all do great things. Please treat yourself today.

Happy Mother's Day to all mommas!

My mom is a biological momma and a furmom.

Specifically, I’d like to say Happy Mother’s Day to my mom. You raised me well. I know I was an annoying child. I distinctly remember quoting Lion King every single day for who knows how long. I also remember the long list of unreasonable fears I had, from carbon monoxide poisoning to snakes hiding at the foot of my bed. You sat with me and put up with terrible television shows until I was wise enough to be introduced to the good stuff. You’ve created a fangirl-ing monster, but I have you and dad to thank for anything that’s not on Adult Swim.

Mom puts up with selfies. Thanks, mom!

Mom accompanies me to Disney and then puts up with selfies. Thanks, mom!

You were the first person to follow my blog. You went beyond the bare minimum for my education, even paying for the degree that I totally ended up using. You tutored me, encouraged me, and drove me to school and music lessons. You were never too harsh when explaining I couldn’t simply move to LA and become an actress or singer. You buy my furkid gifts and treats and babysit her without complaint. (Even when she drags you to the emergency vet for surprise surgery.)

Whether or not you think all of my schemes are brilliant ideas, I always feel like you have my back. And that is priceless. Thank you for everything you do, Mom. I love you.

Momma with a sloth friend.

My momma, loving on a sloth, of course.

My thoughts today, to Miss Lana: I would joke that I’m sorry you ended up with a ‘mom’ like me, but we both know we’re a good match. You’ve driven me insane from time to time, but I love you from the bottom of my heart. You’re goofy and stubborn and such a diva, but you are the most loyal companion I could have asked for. You’ve comforted me in sickness and in sadness, and made me laugh when I’ve been wallowing in self-pity. You are fantastic, Kid. Keep it up. Thanks for letting me be your momma.

My little girl. <3

My little girl. <3

To my former fosters: You will always be my children. Deal with it. I’ve loved you as though you were my own, and I am so happy you have new families who love you just as much. I hope that if you remember me, you don’t ever think that I abandoned you. Instead, I hope that you can sense that there always was and always will be a place for each of you in my heart.

Love cuddling with the babies.

Love cuddling with the babies. Also, shout out to any other Disney Alumni!

To the moms who adopted my former fosters: You are wonderful. You not only have great taste in dogs, but you rescued yours! I can’t thank you enough for finding room in your homes and your hearts for these furkids. I miss them terribly from time to time, but I trust they are in good hands. Thank you, and Happy Mother’s Day.

To my ‘stranger on the porch’: I don’t know if you have another family. Only time will tell. But you always have a safe place to stay with us.

Stranger on the porch, you are for now my child, too.

Stranger on the porch, you are for now my child, too.

I love being a mom to my furry little kids. They are worth every mess, every sleepless night, all the money they eat (both literally and figuratively), and the time they take. Being a ‘mom’ has changed me to my very core. It’s one of my favorite parts of my identity. Being a mom has fantastic rewards, 365 days of the year, and I’m grateful I can experience them.

Obviously. (Source.)

Obviously. (Source.)

We Want It Wednesday – A Doggie Calendar

Good evening!

I wanted to share an awesome gift idea with those of you who don’t follow us on Facebook. In fact, I bought one for myself just yesterday!

It’s a lovely calendar filled with pictures of big, fluffy rescue dogs. The proceeds go to Big Fluffy Dog Rescue. They promise their signature snark (if you don’t know what I mean, then you really ought to follow them online) and even some very unusual holidays.

BFD CalendarThe picture above is from their official Facebook page. They also provide the following links:
To see the whole calendar:

Order your calendar here:

There are only a limited number available. Be sure to grab yours. And remember, no Christmas is complete without giving a loved one a calendar!

Home Is Where Your Dog Vomits On The Carpet. (And Laminate.)

As you may have read on our Facebook page, we’ve moved!

Moving was something I had been looking forward to for such a long time. It was stressful, but hopefully it will be worth it. We originally wanted a house, and even picked one out to rent, but decided it was just too far from work. So, we settled on a cute 2 bedroom apartment about 10-15 minutes from work. It’s a little sad to trade in our views of downtown and the FSU Law School (not to mention the ability to walk to work).

The "bustling metropolis" known as Tallahassee.

The “bustling metropolis” known as Tallahassee. And the view from our old living room.

But I must say, our new location is pretty nice too! We could walk to Publix, Panera, Big Lots, Target, etc. If Florida wasn’t so darn hot and nasty. Even more importantly, we’re surrounded by trees and there’s a cute little creek the flows just behind our building. You can hear the water trickling from our balcony. It reminds me of summers at my grandparents’ old cabin in Tennessee. Just add some comfort food and I can almost pretend I’m a kid again.

Seriously, what's not to love about this view?!

Seriously, what’s not to love about this view?!

I'm thinking it would be perfect to hang a bird feeder from one of the branches outside of the den window.

I’m thinking it would be perfect to hang a bird feeder from one of the branches outside of the den window.

Though, to be fair all those beautiful trees means spiders like nobody’s business. There was one living outside of our front door that we affectionately named “Frankie”. And despite his status as an almost pet we avoided him like the plague, because if it has more than 4 legs and less than 2, I’m out. No spiders, no snakes, no kidding. But, it’s a dog eat dog world, and a bigger spider killed Frankie and stole his web. This weekend we plan to take the little jerk down. FOR FRANKIE!!


Our happy little creek.

This is our first “adult” apartment, not surrounded by college students. That we know of, at least. So, we moved like adults. All by ourselves. I do not recommend it. I highly recommend movers. But, nobody asked me.

To the bf's credit, he did carry more of the heavy stuff. As he should have.

To the bf’s credit, he did carry more of the heavy stuff. As he should have.

So anyway, we moved into this beautiful, fresh, clean apartment almost twice the size of our old one.

This level of clean never lasts.

This level of clean never lasts.

Any guesses how long it took to lose its ‘clean’ status? Less than a week. Less than a week in, Lana has had diarrhea in the apartment at least 5 times and vomited at least 4. Of course I’m worried for miss Lana (who probably ate something NOT EDIBLE at the bark park). We’re keeping a careful eye on her, feeding her chicken and rice, and taking her potty every couple of hours. But really, Universe? Less than a week after we move? TOO SOON!

But, since we had the joy of taking Lana out every two hours last night, we discovered racoons forage in the dumpster right by our building at night, and that we have several very vocal owls who like to converse amongst themselves in the wee hours of the morning. Much cooler than the mean mocking bird who lived by our old apartment.

We don't have a guard dog. We have a watching dog.

We don’t have a guard dog. We have a watching dog.

In all, when it doesn’t smell like doggie accidents, our new place is a good fit for us. Lana’s thrilled to have more running around room and so many windows to watch.

As I promised, the next post will be a compilation of tips to make moving easier for pets and pet owners!