Phoebe, Pumpernickel, & Sheba

PhoebeOur first model for today’s Shelter Sunday was Phoebe, an adoptable Treeing Hound mix. She’s sweet and can be, and is a regular in Sunday playgroups.

PhoebeShe isn’t too rough or too dainty, and she is 100% goof. I adore her!

PhoebeWho wouldn’t love to go adopt Phoebe?

PhoebeBut as cute as she is, we didn’t spend ALL afternoon with her. Another playgroup regular wanted some extra attention, too!

PumpernickelPumpernickel is a Catahoula Leopard Hound mix. She’s a little more rowdy than Phoebe, and would benefit from a someone who will exercise her.

PumpernickelSure, she LOOKS lazy, but this girl is a bundle of energy. She loves to run, chase, tackle, fetch, and of course to sit in her pool.

PumpernickelShe does know “sit” and I’m sure she’d be happy to learn any other tasks for a special family. I would say because she can be rough, she may not be best for families with small children, but she’s a great dog nonetheless.
PumpernickelFinally, today we managed to get a few shots of a slightly more dainty girl. Meet Sheba:

ShebaSheba is believed to be a Shiba Inu mix. And she does have those IRRESISTIBLE ears like I’d expect a Shiba to sport. And I simply cannot get enough of them.

ShebaShe also gets along well with dogs, though today she had to miss playgroup because she was recently spayed.

ShebaNo worries, I think she still got to have some fun.

FREE adoption eventIf you think you’re interested in any of the dogs at the shelter, go see them now! They are still open and currently for dogs, adoption fees are waived!

Starsky, Phteven, & Odette

Great news! Last week’s featured dog, Finn, as well as Darlene from our Facebook cover photo were both adopted this week!

Today, three more lovely dogs got to play model for this week’s Shelter Sunday. I always love doing the photography part of the blog. I roll around on the ground, soak my clothes in what I hope is mud, and get sticky with dog slobber, among other liquids. Today’s adoptables were especially fun, both because they were all so good looking and because they wanted to PLAY PLAY PLAY!

Starsky is one hunky Husky mix. He is a rough and tumble kind of guy, and would do very well in an active home. He loves to play and run and I have no doubts the working dog in him just needs a job or hobby. If you’re looking for a 24/7 couch potato, he may not be the best fit, but if you’re more of an outdoorsy person, he’s ready to meet you!

Starsky, adoptable Husky mixAnd just so we are 100% clear, there was no touching up done in the above photo. NONE. HIS EYES REALLY ARE THAT STUNNING!

Starsky, adoptable Husky mixStarsky participates in the shelter playgroups, and loves fetch and kiddie pools to splash around in.

Starsky, adoptable Husky mixStarsky, adoptable Husky mixOur second dog of the day has one very obvious thing in common with Starsky: those beautiful blue eyes. Meet Phteven!

Phteven, an adoptable bulldog in Tallahassee, FLPhteven is also a playgroup regular at the shelter. Unsurprisingly, he too enjoys a good dip in the kiddie pool and chasing tennis balls.

Phteven, an adoptable bulldog in Tallahassee, FLPhteven, an adoptable bulldog in Tallahassee, FLAbout half of the photo session was spent trotting in circles around Mike & me trying to give us as many kisses as possible!

Phteven, an adoptable bulldog in Tallahassee, FLAfter editing and watermarking a bunch of photos, I checked online to see Odette’s age. Since she is not listed on the website (and she is obviously an amazing little puppy!) I think she may have been adopted this afternoon! However, just in case it was a system error or she was transferred to a foster home, I’ll share the photos of her as well.

Odette, an adoptable hound mix in TallahasseeLook at those wrinkles! Odette, an adoptable hound mix in TallahasseeSweet Miss Odette is just a puppy, too!

Odette, an adoptable hound mix in TallahasseeShe’s a little shy but responds well to treats and praise. In no time, she warms right up and loves you like she’s always known you.

Odette is an adoptable Hound mix in TallahasseeThanks for reading, and please don’t forget to share to help these dogs find their forever families!

Finn the Wonder Hound

Finn is an adoptable Hound at the Tallahassee Animal Shelter, and he is currently Mike’s favorite dog there. (Shh! Don’t tell the others!)

Shelter Sunday - Finn Shelter Sunday - FinnNow, Finn’s a great guy. He’s friendly, walks politely on leash, and is a proud member of the ‘dainty’ play group, so he’s great with other dogs. But for reasons beyond my comprehension, he has been a resident at the shelter since mid-July. That is unacceptable! So Mike had an idea, let’s do a photo shoot and make Finn a star!

Finn gets a photo shoot!Okay, so I’ll admit, we timed it terribly. Poor Finn knew something we didn’t. It was lunch time! But he stuck with us long enough to get a few good pictures.

Finn sitting prettyOur only guess for why he maybe hasn’t found the right family is that he gets a tad bit excited in his kennel. This boy is all legs, so it’s understandably cramped in there for him. The moment he’s free of his kennel he is well behaved. You just have to look beneath the beneath.

Finn is such a cute boyIf there is one thing I have learned from volunteering at the shelter, it’s that you cannot judge a book by its cover. My favorite dogs have consistently been dogs I wouldn’t have normally picked based on a quick stroll through the kennels. I would have likely walked right by Finn, and many people already have. But maybe, just maybe, by showing off his beauty and personality in photos, he’ll catch the right person’s eye.

Finn gets artsyFinn asked me to tell the world he has a plan. He’s willing to offer a deal to the person who comes to adopt him. If you promise to love him forever, he will do the same. He asks that you provide a nice dog bed, food, and water. And in return, he’ll be your guardian, your partner in crime (or crime-fighting!), your hiking friend, your road trip buddy, and he’ll always be up for a night of Netflix and popcorn. Especially if you drop a piece here and there.

Finn the wonder houndSo, what do you say? Do we have a deal? Just let Finn know. You can find him at 1125 Easterwood Dr, Tallahassee, FL 32311 Kennel Number 24. You can also find him online here, or by calling (850) 891-2950 and asking about Finn, ID#A155534.

Happy Fathers’ Day!

Hello, readers! I wanted to wish a quick ‘Happy Fathers’ Day’ to all the dads out there.

First, to my wonderful dad. He works hard and is an amazing parent (along with my mother, of course). He raised my sister and I with animals. I love the example he set for us – work hard and have fun. He is more than a little responsible for my great taste in television.

Dad and me sleeping

He may have also passed along the ability to sleep anywhere, any time, as needed.

He can build anything and I know I can always turn to him when something breaks or my car has an issue.

Dad sledding

Dad demonstrating how to use the cargo liner of our SUV as a sled.

Dad also spoils Miss Lana. Mugen will grow on him sooner or later. (Not a cat person in theory, but really, I think his ‘animal person’ nature will override that.)


Dad’s great with birds. But he’s a llama-whisperer. Seriously. It’s odd.

My father is the best example of a great man, wonderful husband, and awesome father. I could not have asked for a better upbringing. Short of being a princess. I love you, Dad!


Lana and I love you! <3

Also happy dad’s day to my grandfathers, I love y’all too. There are so many reasons my parents are so great, and a lot of them can be linked back to you gentlemen.

To all the fur dads out there: happy fathers’ day. You cart animals around, walk them, feed them, play with them, clean up after them, and most importantly, you love them unconditionally. For that, you are great men.


Dream Big, Purr Loudly

I’ve posted a little bit here and there about our ‘stranger on the porch’. Today, I’m finally ready to formally introduce him to the world.

A couple of weeks ago at work, I found a cat napping outside of our apartments. He looked a little ragged, but didn’t hesitate to approach me when I called for him. He had no collar, wasn’t neutered, and was swimming in fleas.

MugenSo I clocked out of work for a few hours to drive him to the shelter to get him checked for a microchip. Surprise, surprise, he wasn’t chipped either. The shelter was kind enough to give me a ‘kitty starter kit’ and I threw him in a crate in my bathtub and headed back to work.


This cat had seen better days. Naturally his first reaction was to poop in my brand new car. #rescueproblems

That night involved a Target run where we bought some Dawn, a PetSmart run where I bought Capstar and a flea comb, and multiple dish soap baths for a very patient kitty. Mike and I washed him twice, until our sink was full of dead fleas and blood. He must have had so much dried blood from flea bites; our water looked like liquid rust.

20150507_194008 20150507_194835


World’s most chill cat.

But, he never scratched us, never bit, and when the bath was over stayed cuddled in a towel while we flea combed him.

Mugen's first bath.

Don’t get me wrong, he still looked angry. He just didn’t do anything about it.

For days, we threw our clothes straight into the wash after even going outside for just a minute to feed him. We replaced our soap and shampoo with Dawn, too. Just in case. But it worked! We never saw a flea on Lana, our furniture, our carpet, etc.

For a while, he lived entirely on our porch. He and Lana had an imperfect start and we were concerned about her prey drive. She’d only ever been around one other cat, but it had been some time ago and just a little kitten.

Lana watching over Mugen

They needed some time to get used to each other.

He had no name. A couple of people contacted me after seeing his ‘found’ poster, but he wasn’t the right cat. We have since learned that the building next to our apartments has feral cats living behind it. I honestly think he must just be the least-feral feral cat I’ve ever met.


Mugen naps on the porch

Our cat, formerly called ‘Cat’ and of course ‘Stranger on the Porch’, is now called Mugen. We get to see his true colors now that he feels healthy and safe. He is sassy! And food motivated. And LOVES to play tag. Mugen sleeps on the porch and stays there during work, but otherwise enjoys spending time inside. He and Lana have a respectful relationship. They’re not best friends, but they make the most of having a sibling of another species.

Mugen and Lana napping

One of our Instagram favorites

Mugen is scheduled to get his shots, and I’ll be getting him a microchip next week, too. After that, he’ll be neutered. It’s interesting adjusting to a cat, a new thing for all of us. But it’s been a fun journey so far.

Mugen the lap cat

He’s really a lap cat.

Shelter Sunday – June 7th

This weekend was a busy weekend for the Tallahassee Animal Service Center!

Saturday began with a blood drive, where donors received a “Golden Ticket” for a FREE ADOPTION! Since it had been 4 years since I donated, I decided it was time. So now I have a ticket for an animal I have no business adopting. But you never know, there are some incredibly cute dogs….

Adoptable Heeler puppies

It’s so hard to understand why people buy dogs when gems like these puppies wind up at shelters.

At the same time there was also at yard sale a the shelter. Unfortunately, even though I was literally right there, I didn’t make it. It seems my body thinks I need all my blood, and pitches a fit when I disagree. How selfish!

Saturday evening the Animal Shelter Foundation hosted an event called Pints for Paws. What’s not to love?! Beer, adoptable dogs, and the proceeds go towards the city shelter. I was there for a couple of hours with Michael. We wished we could have stayed a little longer, but I did my best. I just couldn’t handle the summer heat after giving blood in the morning. My apologies to the friends I insisted go and then didn’t even last long enough to see. At least y’all got beer!

At Pints for PawsAnd today of course I got to help with the shelter’s play groups again. I met a few more dogs one on one, though I was too tired to tote around my good camera.

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