Shelter Sunday – June 7th

This weekend was a busy weekend for the Tallahassee Animal Service Center!

Saturday began with a blood drive, where donors received a “Golden Ticket” for a FREE ADOPTION! Since it had been 4 years since I donated, I decided it was time. So now I have a ticket for an animal I have no business adopting. But you never know, there are some incredibly cute dogs….

Adoptable Heeler puppies

It’s so hard to understand why people buy dogs when gems like these puppies wind up at shelters.

At the same time there was also at yard sale a the shelter. Unfortunately, even though I was literally right there, I didn’t make it. It seems my body thinks I need all my blood, and pitches a fit when I disagree. How selfish!

Saturday evening the Animal Shelter Foundation hosted an event called Pints for Paws. What’s not to love?! Beer, adoptable dogs, and the proceeds go towards the city shelter. I was there for a couple of hours with Michael. We wished we could have stayed a little longer, but I did my best. I just couldn’t handle the summer heat after giving blood in the morning. My apologies to the friends I insisted go and then didn’t even last long enough to see. At least y’all got beer!

At Pints for PawsAnd today of course I got to help with the shelter’s play groups again. I met a few more dogs one on one, though I was too tired to tote around my good camera.

Adoptable Bubba

Bubba LOVES people! He’s been waiting on a forever home since April.

Dogs who made appearances at Pints for Paws had their adoption fees waived today. And next weekend the shelter will hold a “Furassic Park” event, where the adoption fees on ALL animals will be waived on Saturday and Sunday! As per protocol, I’ll go ahead and give you the rundown on some of my favorite dogs this week (in no particular order):

Furassic Park

Whoever makes these posters is good. (It’s not me – I’m just sharing.)

1. Cassie. Michael had been telling me to check out Cassie for a long time. Today I finally let myself into her kennel and I must say I LOVE HER! He so knows my taste.

Adoptable Cassie

Okay but seriously. That smile! This girl is amazing!

In addition to being so flipping cute, Cassie is a sweetheart. She smiles up at you and melts your heart. I don’t know that she has been officially evaluated by shelter staff yet, but she seems submissive with people. Honestly I think she and Lana could be friends.

2. Batman. Batman has a few things going for him. He’s so cute. He’s great with other dogs. His name is Batman. (I may or may not be wearing a batman shirt as I’m sitting here typing this.) He’s another one Mike picked out for me, and again he was absolutely right. I love this dog, too!

Adoptable Batman

Here Batman is, being a dork.

Adoptable Batman

This is the shelter’s official picture for Batman. Credit goes to a better photographer than myself!

3. Lexey. Lexey is another play group regular. This sweet girl was adopted but returned shortly after, through no fault of her own. She’s already dropped quite a bit of unnecessary weight since arriving at the shelter, and is ready for her forever home. And this time, she really wants it to be forever!

Adoptable Lexey

She is really much cuter in person. Blame the lighting. Or my phone. Or me.

And again in no particular order, a few more dogs that caught my eye (but I didn’t really get to meet due to time constraints):

Adoptable Heidi

Heidi, a petite Australian Cattle Dog mix.

These photos are all the shelter’s. Because, once again, someone is a much better photographer than I am. Kudos to them, and thanks for letting me share your pictures!













You can attend super fun events. Or donate to fundraisers. Volunteer. Foster. Adopt. What are you waiting for? There is something everyone can do.

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