Shelter Sunday (From May 31st)

Hey all! Yesterday our playgroups lasted a little longer than normal at the shelter, which threw off my schedule more that it should have. Unfortunately, we barely got the dogs inside before the rain (and thunder and lightning) began, so I didn’t get any ‘fancy pictures’ on my nice camera. So, please join me in pretending that my cell phone does half as well as my camera.

Bubba - Adoptable 4 year old American Staffordshire mix at the City of Tallahassee Animal Services Center

Bubba, an adoptable 4 year old American Staffordshire mix showed me he loved to sit for treats. Just not while posing for the camera!

Unfortunately, this also means I only got photos of a few dogs – the last dogs in the play groups. But even if they were in the calmer play group, that doesn’t mean they didn’t have fun!

Dogs at the Tallahassee Animal Services Center enjoy play groups several days a week.Again, please forgive the aiming. I was keeping an eye on the dogs while wildly hitting the camera button hoping I wasn’t taking an intense photo shoot of the very lovely red dirt.

Dogs at the Tallahassee Animal Service Center enjoying Sunday playgroups!

They love the socialization and really get tuckered out before potential adopters can roam the facility looking for a new family member.

The dogs are exhausted after a day of playing with their friends.Some lounged in the shade, while others gathered around the ‘watering hole’.

Some of the adoptable dogs love the kiddie pool in the play yard.No matter how they chose to spend their free time, they all appreciated their new found freedom. We all hope they’ll find permanent freedom in a forever home of their own.

Bubba, an adoptable Staffordshire Terrier at the Tallahassee Animal Services Center.To see all of the adoptable dogs at the City of Tallahassee shelter, click here. As always, thank you for reading. Even more thanks if you like or share. But most importantly, thanks for supporting these homeless animals!

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