Hiatus – O V E R



Goodness, this place is deserted. And who is to blame? Me. Totally me. I may have scared a few people away when I went MIA.


IT’S CALLED A HIATUS! This just means I’m basically like a screenwriter.

But really, did you want me rambling on when I didn’t even have a foster dog? Where’s my credibility? Where’s the excitement? Just me and my perfectly trained angel of a dog – that’s not blog-worthy. Even if I am being a little sarcastic. A smidge sarcastic, tops.

It’s okay though. Because, my friends, WE’RE BACK!

YESSSSMostly. I didn’t get to pull a dog on my own yet. Turns out I get insanely excited about BIG ideas and then panic when it comes time to execute. And the dog I wanted to pull has bad joints and I live on the third floor, which seemed like not the ideal environment. So instead, I’m back with the fabulous Florida-based rescue, Aussie and Me. See Brody, the Aussie I almost stole foster-failed.

I don’t know for sure which dog I’m taking. I put in a request, and specifically begged to not take any puppies. I still haven’t forgotten how awful it was to house break Lana. Therefore, I don’t have pictures yet. But, this entire process was finalized today and I will have the new kid on SATURDAY; sometimes these things have to move pretty fast.

So, I will be back soon with pictures, an introduction, and a little bit of gibberish. You know, the usual.

-Kayla and Lana

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