Saving Animals And Saving Money (Or, Why I Love My HSUS Credit Card)

Remember how I posted a while ago about a merger between Discover and The Humane Society of the United States? In case you don’t recall, Discover worked out a deal with the HSUS. Discover created a super cute specially designed credit card and they donate a little bit of money to the HSUS every time it’s used. Not to mention, the card holder gets the same awesome benefits they would with any other Discover card. I also said I was planning on getting the card myself and, well, I wanted to give everyone an update!


I actually did apply for a new Discover card a while ago. (Not sure what kind I had before, but now I have the IT card, the one all those commercials are for.) When I switched cards, it not only gave me better benefits (more cash back!), but also allowed me to wield the super stylish HSUS card.

HSUS Discover Card

“Mom, stop using me as a background!”  <- This link will give you more information and an opportunity to sign up for one, yourself!

While the amount given to the charity seems small (about .2 percent of your purchases), imagine how quickly that can add up! I double checked with the representative I worked with and I get exactly the same benefits. If even a hundred people switched to the HSUS card, imagine how much money could help the animals!

It’s such an easy switch! I rack up cash back that I use directly on and I can obsessively check my FICO credit score every month for free. Besides, I love a cute dog (and cat) so the design on the card is a plus. I know that’s a stupid reason, but who cares? I’m still helping charity!

HSUS Discover Card

You might be surprised how often the answer to “You do take Discover, right?” is “Of course!”.

If you’re interested in getting a Discover card for yourself and feel so inclined to use me as a referral (I’d get a nice little bonus), keep an eye on our Facebook page. I’ll post a link there.

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