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If you’ve been following our Facebook page (which you really should be doing!), then you probably saw our post about SPCA Suncoast. For those who don’t know, SPCA Suncoast is a shelter close to home. I actually attended one of their events for one of my old employers (Camp K9 in Trinity, Florida). But, they are also a shelter struggling for money.

Yes, all shelters and rescues are struggling for money. But this one is on the verge of having to close their doors. There already aren’t that many shelters in the area. Some of those that are nearby have suffered from freak accidents (a tornado hit one pretty hard), parvo outbreaks, and really bad press. Like, really bad. A certain unnamed shelter is working on completely changing who is in charge. Which really, that same unnamed shelter should have gladly accepted me as a volunteer when I offered, but that’s their loss.

Anyway, I’m trying to do my part by choosing animals from SPCA Suncoast for this week’s Find-A-Friend Friday. Which, unfortunately is a little bit difficult. Mostly because their Facebook, website, and Petango account are not all on the same page. (I’m assuming they’re a little focused on finances right now rather than social media – fair enough I suppose.) Therefore, I’m not actually positive which animals are up for adoption and which were up for adoption. For this, I apologize. Please consider that your warning. There are animals in need of homes at this shelter. Maybe this dog and this cat! (But, any other week a dog or cat I feature could theoretically get adopted 3 seconds after I click “publish post”; it’s not so very different, right?)

This week’s dog is known as Lip. He is a beautiful, young (about 1 year old) Red Heeler. His ID number is 22114851.

Find-A-Friend Friday | Dream Big, Bark Loudly

The cat of the week is Crybaby. Her ID number is: 22136761. She is spayed and not declawed.They estimate that she is less than 6 months old.

Find-A-Friend Friday | Dream Big, Bark LoudlyIf you would like to support the SPCA Suncoast from far away,they have a donation link here. They will also have a truck where Tampa/Odessa/Lutz/New Port Richey locals can drop off donations. For more information, the Facebook event is here.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your upcoming weekend!

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    • She broke my heart, too. If she’s still up for adoption, I hope you get her! Otherwise I’m sure another equally worthy cat will find a wonderful home with you! 🙂

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