Vet Bills, Squirrels, and Gratitude

Wow Kayla, way to take a vacation from the blog. Scratch that, from all responsibilities. Even though avoiding responsibilities just makes me stress.

Anyway, I’m going to compromise. I’m going to update you all on Lana’s widdles and say thank you to someone who did something super awesome, and I’ll talk about a couple of award nominations later. Sound like a good plan?


First of all, Lana’s still wearing her panties. And I’m resisting jokes like “don’t get your panties in a wad”, but really I’m not sure why. It’s not like she’d get it and make fun of my corniness. Alas, I try to maintain some level of maturity.


I took Lana (and a sample of her pee, which was not fun to catch) to my parents’ veterinarian, Doctor Qureishi. He was very nice and thorough, though perhaps I should have mentioned I was a poor college student. I feel like generic meds would have been nice, but I probably should have actually asked if there were any. Oops.


He explained Lana does have a mild UTI. Unfortunately, we can’t be sure that’s the cause of the leaking. It is possible she has weak muscles that allow the bladder to escape, and that constant dribbling caused the UTI rather than vice versa. That sounds like the worst case scenario. That would mean meds for the rest of her life. So, we’re keeping an eye on the leakage to see if it stops with the daily antibiotics.


In the meantime, Lana and I are working on losing some weight. She weighed in at 54 pounds at the vet’s office! That’s essentially a healthy weight, but because of her long back and tall, skinny legs she will be extra susceptible to back and hip problems later in life, so weighing a little less is definitely better.


Unfortunately with the recent tropical storm it’s been hard to get out and walk. Far too much wet for that. So Miss Lana’s been stuck inside watching “her buddy” the squirrel. And talking to him. Seriously. It’s like owning a Husky. She makes me laugh until I cry.


And believe it or not the little guy talks back. I’m betting they’ll be buddies by the end of summer. Image

There’s one more thing I wanted to do in this update: thank a new(ish?) reader!

For every person who follows my blog, I get an e-mail (or if you follow on Facebook, I get a notification). And every single time I think Oh my gosh, someone cares! As an aspiring writer/rescuer, this is a bigger compliment than most of you may know. So to everyone who follows us, whether they’ve been there from day 1 or they are new, I thank you with all my heart. It means so much.

And when I got an e-mail that Human Rescues Dog chose one of my posts in her list of “Friday 5: Posts That Make Me Happy”, it made me seriously happy! I follow her on Facebook (I’ll link to her page on the DBBL Facebook page for you) and I can tell you she has lots of stuff! A weekly list that features other bloggers called “Friday 5”, posts about training, health, etc. and of course some very cute dogs of her own. I mean it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like she has a Lab and a Golden. Love!

So thank you! And in my next post, I’ll talk about some award nominations, and I’ll definitely have some more wonderful people to thank then.  =)

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  1. Good to hear from you again. I’ve been a little remiss myself lately with my blog. Hey a lot goes on in life! Love the pics of Lana! Sizi

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