Brody and Lana go hiking.

If you are a fan of DBBL on Facebook (if you aren’t, you should go “like” us now! We don’t post annoying stuff all the time, we promise!), then you have already seen a glimpse of our hiking adventure Sunday a couple of weeks ago. (Good grief this post has been sitting in drafts for quite some time!)


This was very exciting for us. It was only the second time I’ve had Lana off-leash (except for going from my car to the front door of our apartment complex) and it was the very first time Brody was off-leash outdoors! I was a little nervous at first, because I’m pretty sure it would be the end of the world if I lost a foster dog. But he was so good!


It was actually pretty funny to see how different Lana and Brody are. Lana’s the type who likes to be first in line for anything. She’d wander too far and play deaf when we called her, until she heard a level of seriousness in our tone and her last name being tacked on at the end. Then she’d run back as if she’d been planning to all along. Obviously I need to get back into training her.


Meanwhile Brody spent most of his time right behind someone else, whether that someone was a person or Lana. He likes to be able to keep tabs on the group. Like a faithful watch dog.



The walk wasn’t entirely off leash, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I was just about to let them loose to run on this weird peninsular thing when I noticed a big grayish brownish lump. It was colored like dirt but it seemed like an odd place for a pile of dirt.

Hiking with the dogs |

We got a bit closer and it moved! We had run across a very large gator, who apparently was very much awake! So we backed up very carefully and chose to keep the dogs on leash the rest of the walk.


Aside from the deadly reptiles, most of the scenery was beautiful.

Hiking with the dogs |


And finally the dogs got some room to run (unheard of in my little apartment)!

IMG_2228 IMG_2243


All in all, hiking with the dogs was a great experience. I’m not that outdoorsy, but I’d totally do it again!

4 thoughts on “Brody and Lana go hiking.

  1. Hiking is so much fun! Luna isn’t quite ready to go off leash because of her beagle nose and we are still working on recall, but she still loves it! Looks like you all had a great time too! Yikes! Is that a crocodile?? Better stay away from that! Awesome photos!

    • Yes, it seems I’ve gotten lax with Lana’s training, because she listens to my boyfriend more than she listens to me now (so sad…). I’m going to have to work on recall some more with her, too haha. And yes! We stay as far away from pretty much any reptile as we can!

  2. Very cool except for the gator! I went on my first “hike” (a short way on the path in the woods behind our home) a couple of days ago. Of course I was on a leash as always but it was great fun to explore a new area. Sizi

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