Cats, Dogs, *and* Rabbits? You Can Rescue Any Kind of Pet!

If you are a fan on Facebook, you probably saw that we were trying to find a home for a couple of cats in need a while ago. Well, unfortunately, these cats still need a home. I only have a photo of one, the male. He is more urgent (his owners fear he won’t handle the baby on the way very well). His name is KC. If you want to learn more about one or both, let me know!!


Here at DBBL, we don’t discriminate. We love our dogs, but we adore cats as well! This handsome devil is about 2 years old. He’s very sweet, but he’d prefer to be an only child. He’s a tad bit territorial, but who can blame him for wanting his new family all to himself? He needs a new home ASAP, as the owners have a baby on the way.

But that’s not all! For those of you who don’t want a cat but still want a fuzzy lump o’ love, I bring you: BUNNIES!!!

I apologize in advance for the photos, they’re not the absolute best pictures I’ve ever seen, but I gotta work with what I’m given!


This first rabbit is a female Angora rabbit. Her black and white coloring inspired her name: Cruella, but we promise she acts nothing like Cruelle De Ville. In fact, she’s more of a princess than a villain! Cruella is an indoor only rabbit. At 12 whopping pounds, she is a wonderful lap rabbit who loves carrots. She is litter box trained and up to date on her shots. She comes with her cage.


This next little guy is just 5 or 6 pounds. He is a Himalayan, brown with a little white. He’s a bit more skittish than Cruella so he isn’t the ideal lap rabbit, but he’s still very friendly. He is also an indoor only rabbit and he, too, comes with his cage. He is not neutered, but perhaps if you changed that they could live in a big cage, together? (I don’t know much about rabbits, so don’t take my word for it!!)

Unfortunately I don’t have the name of the little boy, and there’s an entire other rabbit I know nothing about. I will post the information when I get it. =)

If you were looking for between 1 and 3 rabbits, these little ones would be perfect for you! Feel free to comment or e-mail and I will connect you with the girl who is working on finding rescue for them!

Oh, right, and the obligatory: Brody is also up for adoption (as much as I’d love to keep him)!

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