The Ultimate Blog Party 2013!!

I’ve been cooped up in my apartment with no company but the furry ones all weekend. I was supposed to be writing a paper, but let’s not kid ourselves. It’s the weekend. It’s time to party! So I decided to attend something I’d never heard of before. The Ultimate Blog Party! What could be better than a party on the internet? A party on the internet… with alcohol? I’m on it! If I make an Irish Coffee while I write this post – well, it’ll just be the best party of all time!


So I’m rather new to this whole blogger party thing. Judging by the awesome blogs I’ve “discovered” thanks to this little get together, I take it I’m supposed to mingle. So here goes!

My name is Kayla. I’m a college student, an aspiring writer and animal rescuer, a doggie mommy, and a doggie foster mommy. I’m new to serious blogging, but I’ve been fostering dogs for about a year and a half and worked at dog day cares and training facilities for just shy of three years.


The beautiful girl with the big smile in the picture above is my mutt, Lana (as in Lana Lang – because I’m not just an animal advocate, I’m also a geek). The average looking one is me. 😉  We share our time, food, toys, and of course our love with homeless dogs who bunk with us until they find the family of their dreams.

Currently we have high aspirations and a pretty small network, so we’d love for you to take a second to like us on Facebook and comment on the blog! And while you’re at it, please feel free to leave your URL so I can check you out, too. I don’t know about you, but I joined this shindig to make friends and allies! Enjoy the party!

10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Blog Party 2013!!

  1. OMG – I love you! So first, you came to my blog and left a comment. Then you’re a dog lover and a into dog rescue. Then you’re a geek. When I saw “Lana Lang” I was like “whatttt???” I’m a Marvel girl myself. I love my dogs (as you know), but I also love Star Wars 4-6, 1-3 made me sad even though I wanted to like them so much. I love the new Star Trek and was out of my seat (metaphorically speaking) when Leonard Nimoy was on screen. And then all things Marvel.

    Welcome to blogging!

    If you’re interested in my eBook on blogging that I’m writing for BlogPaws, shoot me an email. I’m always looking for feedback to make it better 🙂

    • Hey Kimberly! Something tells me we are going to get along very well. =)

      Holy man I was JUST thinking about the new Star Trek coming out in May – I was surprised how much I liked the other one! I don’t know if I can wait that long!
      I think I’d really like the series, but it looks so daunting because there are so many episodes! I’m afraid I’m a trek newb.

      I would LOVE to read your eBook! I’ll send you an e-mail this weekend!
      Thanks so much for checking out my little blog. I look forward to our future conversations! ^-^

  2. Hi, I found you through UBP13. I’m kind of a newb to blogging, but I’m loving it so far. I’m an educator, former foster parent (for kids with emotional, physical, and mental disabilities) and adoptive dad of two kiddos with special needs. It’s been great reaching out, talking to, and hopefully helping other families! My whole blog is all about learning to learn and helping families succeed using brain-based practices. Come check it out. I think you will like it!

    • Hi Angel! Thanks for checking out my blog, and thanks, also, for “liking” it on Facebook! I’ve already checked out your Facebook fan page, and I’m very excited to follow you blog, as well.
      By the way, how awesome that you fostered and adopted kids! One day I hope I might be able to do that. I admire that so much. =)

  3. As a recent college grad, I really admire you! I waited until after college to adopt Luna. I find it so amazing that you can be a dog mom, a foster mom, and a blogger while in college! Also, you are just generally amazing for supporting animal rescue and foster programs.

    I’m also new to the blogging world ( There is so much to learn! Hopefully we can learn from each other. I’ll be sure to follow you everywhere, ha. Glad I found your blog on UBP13!

    • Hey! I’m glad you found me on UBP13, too! I’m officially following you on Facebook and was just about to check out the blog.
      YOU are amazing for what you do, too! I am always amazed by the animal rescue networks online.
      Oh, and Luna is sooooo cute! She looks like a very happy girl. =)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 I love your blog too! I love animals. I have 3. I have a cat named Gus-Gus, a dog named Jaq-Jaq (Cinderella’s mice), and another dog named Bernard. Bernard is another Disney name. We got him this Christmas from the local kill shelter. Bernard is the head elf on the Santa Clause!
    Since we have over the amount of animals for our living space (our landlord doesn’t care) we can’t foster animals right now. We would love to. My husband and I get so bummed when we see so many animals needing a home.
    I liked our facebook page too!

    • Thank you very much! I think your pets’ names are so cute! And you know, adopting is the best thing you could do, so you shouldn’t feel sad. We all help as much as we can. =)

  5. Blogging since last year but I’m glad to make new connections especially with other pet bloggers. The UBP13 is a great way to connect; I found out about it thru my subscription to I’m a classic Trek fan & a Star Wars fan (4-6). And I love the comic strip Mutts. Thanks for visiting me at!

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