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I adore Sherlock Holmes. Benedict Cumberbatch certainly helped with that. But he’s not the only reason: Sherlock is intelligent, some several of the actors who play him are drop dead gorgeous, and he’s a detective (like Batman!). Plus I love mysteries – they were my reading material of choice growing up – and I have to give major props to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for helping to shape the genre. (And props to my favorite poet Mr. Poe for the huge role he played with his mystery stories as well!)

Rescued Dogs Lana and Circus on a Doggie Playdate | Dream Big Bark Loudly

This morning I wanted to update the Facebook page with a dog related quote – just something small so I could get back to my Sherlock Holmes thesis (sounds super fun, right?). But I suppose I got too excited about the quote, which is why we have our first ever Media Monday!

Media Mondays will feature dogs in the media! (Didn’t see that coming, huh?) But I’m not talking about newspapers, because real life isn’t fun. I mean in books, television, movies, songs… you get the idea, right?

Lana, the Rescue Mutt | Dream Big Bark Loudly

This week’s “media” is a quote from none other than Conan Doyle. What a coincidence! And I can’t get enough of it! There are, of course, exceptions, but like it or not, your dog is a reflection of you, in much the same way your child is.

“Snarling people have snarling dogs, dangerous people have dangerous ones.”
― Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Have your dog’s manners started to fade? It probably means you stopped working with them! Does your dog tense up when other dogs pass by on your walks? If you’re anticipating trouble, odds are you’re tense, and your dog is feeling your anxiety. (I’m really bad about this at dog parks!) Dogs have evolved alongside humans and are very perceptive to our facial expressions and body language, even when we aren’t. What I’m trying to say here is: Your dog looks to you for cues, make sure you’re aware of what you’re telling them!

What does your dog say about you?

Rescued Dogs Lana and Circus on a Doggie Playdate | Dream Big Bark Loudly

“A dog reflects the family life. Whoever saw a frisky dog in a gloomy family, or a sad dog in a happy one? Snarling people have snarling dogs, dangerous people have dangerous ones.”
― Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes

12 thoughts on “Media Monday

  1. I’m guessing Circus is telling me that I’m: strong-hearted, incredibly stubborn, super-duper adventurous, and constantly overly excited. But I definitely believe transferring your energy to animals, and animals being able to sense all energies around. I feel really mentally strong and stable especially around my pup. Like if I really mean “no”, you’d better check yourself. Whenever I say “come”, I don’t look back to see if he is following, I just assume, because he has no other option. What do you feel? I know Lana is exceptionally well-behaved, is it because your expectations of her are clearly stated through energies? Do you guys have an alpha kind of relationship?

    • ahahaha do we know the same Lana?

      Honestly I expect her to act well (with a few exceptions-like when I tense up at the dog park). Like you said, I don’t even hesitate to see if she’s doing what I ask.
      I’m working with Brody to sit before dinner. I say the command and by the time he sits and gets his food, Lana’s patiently waiting, just like she should be. She does know that I’m alpha, but it’s not so much the basis of our relationship as just one facet of it. I’d say not even letting her feel like she can push the limits is why she’s pretty good. (So a long, rambling yes to my expectations being stated through my energy.) =P

  2. Hi! New follower here and I am a new blogger!… I found you on UBP13! Your blog is SO cute and I’m excited to read up! Please come by and follow me on my blog at!
    Have a blessed day!

  3. I love this so much! Keep the Media Mondays coming! 🙂 I have to actually make an effort not to be tense around Kahlua when it comes to bicycles on trails. It’s a vicious cycle, because I know they freak him out, so I get tense, and he picks up on that and gets more tense. But we are working on it 🙂
    Other than that I think my baby gives everyone a sneak peak into my silly streak! (Clarification- I do not run around the house with a tennis ball hanging out of my mouth.)

    • Thank you, I will do my best! =)

      I totally get it, that’s a very hard cycle to break. It’s just a matter of conscious practice, I suppose, so you’re getting there!

      And absolutely! Silly is probably the best word for him lol.
      I didn’t wanna tell you this, but he was totally spreading rumors at Doggie Dayz that you were stealing his toys. He said he’d find them in your bed and your closet. He sounded concerned that you might have a problem. 😉

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