Falling off the wagon?

In my time, I’ve fallen off many wagons. Figuratively. I haven’t been around that many literal wagons. Curse my suburban upbringing!

So as I said before, I offered to temp. foster that handsome Golden mix, and another woman (girl? lady?) offered to take him as well. Unsurprisingly, the rescue asked if one of us might tackle another dog looking for a foster home so we could both be utilized. She said “Border Collie mix” and I was afraid for my life.

I got so lucky with Lana. If she really is a Border mix, she doesn’t act like it. Thank the gods…

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But, they said she was sweet and submissive and a fairly new mommy, which makes me think she’ll be manageable. The flip side is now I’m tempted to offer to take on a puppy, too. Alas, I only have 1 crate so I’d best keep myself in check.

Adventures in Fostering Dogs | Dream Big, Bark Loudly

Quick side note, if you want to have a matching foster, two of the puppies still need a place to go!

I’ll keep you updated. And I have an emotional post that’s been brewing, waiting for the right time to be written. That will come soon, too. I’ll need as much advice as you all are willing to give.

In the mean time, my question for you is this: would you ever consider taking on multiple fosters at once? Like a momma and her puppy or more than one puppy?

4 thoughts on “Falling off the wagon?

  1. Gosh, they are gorgeous! I never personally have done it, but I know it is standard practice for the Animal Service Center to have (or at least, try to have) somebody foster entire litters with Mom. These pups look older than the ones they are usually fostering though, so I’m sure it would be more trouble. Still, they’d have each other to play with and wear each other out.
    In interest of openness though, I try to never foster anything under 6 months. I know I’d get too attached and have a hard time letting go. 😛

    Also, it isn’t very well known, but lots of Border Collies are actually very calm dogs. They have drive and energy to work as needed, but settle down easily if their need mental stimulation is met. I could totally see that in Lana. 🙂 The crazy-omg-can’t-calm-down-ruuuuun stuff is mostly a result of BCs not getting enough mental work, and/or crappy breeding. My working bred BC is very laid-back until training time, but my likely “agility-bred” nutso didn’t come with an off switch at all. And that’s my BC spiel for the day! Did it get your mind off the internship situation for a minute or two? 🙂

    • See that is something I did not know (pardon my ignorance)! I’m very grateful to have friends who specialize in breeds I don’t know quite as much about. Not to mention, another point for the ‘it’s not the breed it’s the owner’ team. =) Thank you!

      For me the main reason I’d aim for an adult is because potty training drives me crazy, but I suppose my carpet has been through it several times anyway haha.

      And yes, momentarily my mind was taken off my looming decision. Thank you for the distraction! Perhaps that’s why I jumped into this whole thing again.

  2. I’ve had more than one foster, as well as my own dog…and it’s a handful to say the least! I can’t imagine having more than one puppy at a time though. Babies are hard work, the furry kind & human kind!! I prefer older fosters, for a couple of reasons. Obviously, they are usually at least easier when it comes to potty training. But also, I feel like they have a harder time finding forever homes. Not to say that puppies aren’t put to sleep, because we all know they are. But they are also so adoptable bc people love puppies. Older dogs need that extra love and attention, sometimes much more so than puppies. Actually, if I could ever start my own rescue, I’d want to take in just seniors. It breaks my heart that a dog would live it’s last days in a shelter, after being a family pet or whatever kind of life they’ve been through, ya know? Anyway, look forward to updates on your adventure! 🙂

    • I imagine it is a handful! You know, as much as I loved my puppy fosters, usually my favorites are the older ones. And you’re right, the older ones do have a tough time finding forever homes! I knew better and I still adopted a puppy when it was my turn to get my own dog. I’d definitely support your rescue! I see so many take the puppies and leave the seniors or the mommas and it’s so sad. =(
      Thanks for reading and commenting! I should find out very soon if/when I’ll get another! =)

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