Manicures for the dogs, and a makeover for the blog!

Well, my homework was neglected yesterday, but the blog and the dogs got quite the overhaul.

The dog who needs medication on her eye every other day got it two days in a row (the vet is cool with that, we were just being conservative lately because the tube is almost empty), and the dog who had talons got a long overdue manicure. She didn’t find it very relaxing.

But more importantly for you, readers, is a ‘tour’ of the blog, post makeover. From the home page, you can see the pages listed horizontally below the banner, in a long black rectangle. You may not have noticed, but there is a new page!


It is called “Featured Fosters” and already has a couple of local foster pups looking for homes!


Tigress is the first of many, but I didn’t want to overload you all with cuteness just yet.

Next, “Success Stories” now has several sub-pages, each dedicated entirely to a previous foster. If you thought one of my previous babies was super cute and you wanted to know more about them or just gush over some new pictures, check them out!

Banjo napping

Banjo, Gage, Link, Sierra, Precious, and Beau each have their very own page! All you have to do is hover over “Success Stories” with your pointer and the options will pop up.


Located in the right sidebar (from the home page), you will see a few new blog rolls. One is called “Feline Frenzy”, the other “Dog Blogs”. As you might imagine, the feline list has several cat blogs I follow, and the dog list has several dog blogs I follow. In fact, many of the bloggers I know personally! I recommend checking them all out when you have the time.


Finally, ALL of my posts are now categorized in a logical way (also in the right side bar). Seriously. I got rid of the “uncategorized” category as well as the “dog” category. How silly was that of me to make a “dog” category? The blog is called Dream Big, Bark Loudly! 99% of the posts are about dogs! Fortunately, I came to my senses and posts should be easier for you to browse now. (In my defense, I trained myself on Blogger first; I am still a self-taught WordPress novice.)


I am sure I will continue to give the blog makeovers occasionally, but for now this ‘tour’ should catch everyone up to speed. If you have anything in particular you’d like to see added or changed, let me know. I’m always open to suggestions!

8 thoughts on “Manicures for the dogs, and a makeover for the blog!

  1. Your Featured Fosters is a great idea as are the sub-pages within Success Stories. Looking good! Soon I hope to work with the shelter to do an adoptee of the week sort of thing on my blog and I am encouraging folks who adopt from the shelter to keep in touch. Sizi

    • Thank you! I think an adoptee of the week is a great idea! I wish I worked more with my local shelter; it’s great that you do. And I just LOVE it when I get updates on adopted pets! Do you plan to post those updates on your blog?

      • Yes I plan to share those updates that I hear about. I don’t get rescue or adoption information directly but rather it is passed to me from the folks at the shelter as they think of it or have time. I am trying to get this transfer of info more routine but the key contact person (Aunt Jackie) has been in the hospital then home bound for over two months at this point. She will return soon and hopefully we can work on this then.

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