On Fate

I believe in fate. I believe in Karma, I believe in second chances, and I believe in signs, too.

This morning, I planned to go with a friend or two to the animal control of a very rural town not too far from our own. I intended to take pictures of a dog or cat, get to know them, then come home and tell you about them. But plans don’t always work out, do they?

Yesterday there was a huge adoption event at the fairgrounds. Numerous rescues were there, but I wasn’t. I was having a seriously chaotic day at work. Between customers, I got a call from my former boss (who is still a good friend). She told me there was a woman who was going to take her Great Pyrenees to the vet on Monday to have her euthanized. Something about the dog running away. I told her I’d gladly take the dog before I’d let her get put to sleep, but as I was on the phone, a friend of the owner offered to take her instead.

This morning, a phone call woke me up just before 9:00. Apparently, the friend’s landlord did not approve of the size of the dog, and she was suddenly in urgent need of a foster, once again. So, several phone calls and a quick trip to meet the woman in charge of a great local rescue (Cauzican Animal Rescue) later, I have a Pyrenees napping peacefully on my living room carpet.

Why is this fate? I was not going to foster again, at least until I graduated. But here comes this Pyrenees (the very breed I was told Lana was a mix of) named Precious. Terrible name, right? Yes. I know, because I worked hard to avoid it, myself.

The first word in my head when I met my dog Lana as a puppy was “precious”. I had just seen the movie and couldn’t stand the thought of naming her that, but that’s just what she was. So I went home and deliberated, calling my new dog, “Puppy”, until I found a suitable name. I wrote lists of names. One of the names, as you may have guessed, was Lana. Inspired by the DC character Lana Lang (the object of teenaged Superman/Clark Kent’s romantic affections), the name has many meanings, from many languages. Most importantly, for this story, at least, is German. I am mostly German, so when I read that “Lana” was a derivative of an Ancient Germanic name meaning “Precious”, I knew that had to be her name.

That is why I believe this Precious was more than just a coincidence. Everything aligned too perfectly for this to be a chance encounter.


Rescue is whatever you believe it is. It is saving a dog who looks just like your childhood best friend. It is taking in your friend’s long time companion when they can no longer keep him/her. It is wanting to give someone a second chance. It is the inability to tell your pleading child “no”, when they present you with the kitten they found on the way home from the bus stop. It is doing the right thing. It is easing your own conscience. It is altruism, or it is not. It is something you “fall into” by chance, or it is meant to be. Frankly, I don’t care why people rescue. Rescue is the action, not the intention, and it means the world to the animals and the hard-working people involved.

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