Multitasking is a habit

If you know me, you probably know I love multitasking. Sometimes when driving long distances (like between my parents’ home and my college apartment), I pop in an audio book or some Japanese practice tapes (and by tapes I mean mp3 thingies) so I have something to do. I also walk to class with an audiobook going when my workload gets really busy. I like to do calf raises while I wash dishes. I like to dance around the apartment and practice my singing, much to the horror of my neighbor (or so I assume). Point is, my mother instilled in me the desire to always be busy, and I’ve learned that multitasking isn’t just a skill, it’s a habit. It becomes a need. I feel useless if I’m not using my full potential. Which brings me to this idea…

Today on my Facebook news feed I saw a plea from a local shelter. They needed ten kittens (yes, ten!) transported about eight hours south early next week. I created a status suggesting my college-aged friends consider transporting while they were driving home for the holidays anyway. Hopefully, I’ll be able to help, too, but I’m still waiting with bated breath to hear what’s going on with Miss Sierra. Anywho, a good friend of mine¬†saw the post and brought up an equally good point: sometimes rescues can even help cover the gas money.

If you are already making a trip and have room in your car, consider offering a free ride for an animal in need. I understand that some people have nicer cars than mine (honestly I do), but you’ll be rewarded with the warm fuzzies, and maybe even some cash to help cover gas.

Just a stray thought.


“Thanks for the ride!”

One thought on “Multitasking is a habit

  1. I love this! I just found your blog from Temporary Home, Permanent Love. I love what you do and your passion to help. I am receiving my second foster dog next weekend. She is coming up from Mississippi. It will take 17 volunteers to drive her top my home. I am so thankful for those that volunteer and take time out of their day to help others! It makes me smile:)

    Here is a link to sign up to be a volunteer driver if any of your readers are interested.

    This is a link to the rescue group I foster for. The founder is also a transport coordinator. She is an awesome lady!

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